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by Apriorit Inc, Ivan Romanenko
This article is the continue of the previously posted article Hide Driver. Some methods to detect hidden files and processes are described in it
by csrss
A tool for loading device drivers
by DaveAuld
Building for and consuming the Blitzortung Lightning Detection Network
by Tim Almdal
Implementing an Autoplay handler in C#.

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by Michael N Haephrati (האפרתי)
How a computer can be identified in order to generate a unique ID.
by syed shanu
Read and write data to Melsec PLC using .NET.
by Jake Drew
What makes a computer blistering fast?  The answer really depends on what you want to do with it and can even be quite complex depending on your requirements.  Take for instance bitcoin mining.  Custom bitcoin mining rigs can appear very unusual since many prefer to use graphics cards for the bulk o
by Luc Pattyn
A utility that removes phantom icons from the Icon Tray

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by krishnaramu on Article "Basic serial port listening application"
by Member 11412002 on Using MC.exe, message resources and the NT...
by Muh Rifai Anugrah on article "Joystick Driver Project"
by dandy72 on Article "Searching for a reliable Hardware ID"

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