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by Jochen Baier
Using this smart 'FIXME' macro will help you not to forget to fix your code.
by Samuel Cragg
You can also add an application manifest file. If you're using VS 2010, there's an option for one in the "Add New Item" dialog (right click on the project, click "Add" then click "New Item") and edit the generated file to uncomment the line that says:
by Murali Pamidi
Politics aside, here are 7 simple tweaks that could make website instantly fast.
by OriginalGriff
Marking code you need to return to later

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by Jamie Munro
I thought I would follow-up my "How to get indexed by Google in ONE hour" article with my top 5 SEO (search engine optimization) tips.
by Val Okafor
You are ready to build your first Android app,  well good luck and welcome  aboard an exciting journey. My first Android app took me a year to build because of the complexities of porting a legacy desktop application to mobile app and dealing with constantly changing business requirements. Below are
by TrevyBurgess
How to enable a more natural way of using C# properties within an MVVM WPF application
by _Noctis_
This will allow you to integrate your linqpad code easily to Visual Studio

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