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by Jochen Baier
Using this smart 'FIXME' macro will help you not to forget to fix your code.
by Murali Pamidi
Politics aside, here are 7 simple tweaks that could make website instantly fast.
by Samuel Cragg
You can also add an application manifest file. If you're using VS 2010, there's an option for one in the "Add New Item" dialog (right click on the project, click "Add" then click "New Item") and edit the generated file to uncomment the line that says:<requestedExecutionLevel ...
by schamese
This should do it as well:class Singleton { public static readonly Singleton m_Instance = new Singleton(); // Prevent instance creation from other classes private Singleton() { } public static Singleton Instance { get { return m_Instance; } }}And it is "Singleton",...

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by FMXExpress
Tips For Building Apps Using The Multi Device Designer In Delphi XE7 Firemonkey On Android And IOS
by qadirv
Quick C# console application to encrypt all your database stored procedures
by Shivani Jha
This tip explains how we can have only image for any command button in the Kendo grid.
by ProgramFOX
The issue I came across when setting a Python global variable from a method, and how I solved it.

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