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Great Reads

by Adam David Hill
All the juicy tricks and scandalous shortcuts which helped us ship our competition game on time
by Florian Rappl
Creating a touch enabled sensor numerical application for the latest generation of Ultrabooks.
by Adam David Hill
Sensor-controlled XNA tunnel game with VR head-tracking.
by Graham Odds
Toob is a Windows 8 London Underground travel information app.

Latest Articles

by Rover2341 - Mark Dickinson
Build and ride roller coasters on Windows 8. Use your Ultrabook to play the game using touch.
by JesseLiberty
Intel Ultrabook Review: Haswell for the win!
by Chris Maunder
A first (and second) look at the latest Haswell Ultrabook prototype from Intel.
by Steve Chippy Paine
Harris Beach Ultrabook - Final Review


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