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by Bill9603
Many developers use ".cur" cursor files. Using them myself in Visual Studio 2008, they are not the easiest things to work with for many reasons.They are not easy to create without expensive software. (unless you are using the editor within Visual Studio)They cannot easily be ported in the...
by dyma
Sunflower fractal, so that you can play and create a wonderful image
by CS Rocks
This article demonstrates how to upload a file to a (HTTPS) WebDAV server in VB.NET.
Implementation Nhibernate concept in VB.NET

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by bigbro_1985
A complete Bluetooth Communication Library for the Lego NXT
by Jay Clark (SolvoTerra)
Compress any size file with .Net 4.5 Compression namespace
by Shekhar Pankaj
Using Web Configs Key Value pair in classical Asp pages
by koolprasad2003
This tip gives you a basic idea of how to automate a Word application using VB.NET.

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With open source so pervasive, it’s surprising how little developers...


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by Nelek on article "MIDI monitor written in Visual Basic"
by controlsky on MdiTabStrip
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