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Articles relating to the Windows Security APIs

Great Reads

by Christoph Husse
This article shows how to bypass PatchGuard 3 on the latest windows versions.
by John Atten
NOTE: I do a LOT of handholding in this article. I wanted to be sure someone who is less-than-familiar with the Linux Command Line Interface and/or SSH would have no trouble understanding what is going on. Here are some navigation links to more readily find what you need: Install OpenSSH on your
by nick.p.everdox
Working alongside Windows KPP (patchguard) and hooking system services.
by jan.mach71
A small tool listing Administrators group members recursively using the ActiveDS library.

Latest Articles

by KarstenK
Using the Wincrypto in the Windows SDK
by Vidyasagar MSC
After a successful RDP to Ubuntu.Our next challenge was to RDP to CentOS 6.5. Frankly speaking,this wasn’t as easy as ubuntu. We will use the same Putty (which we have configured in our previous post ) Login with root or any user who is part of sudoers file 1) sudo yum update 2) reboot 3)uname
by hjgode
For whatever reason MS decided to make Windows 2012 RDS (former Terminal Services, now Remote Desktop Services) not compatible with Windows Mobile 6.x and other Windows CE 5.0 based handheld devices. Fortunately, if you activated Remote Desktop License Server using ‘Web Browser’ method,
by Rt_
Code Injection - A Generic Approach for 32bit and 64bit Versions


by Asim S on Article "Subverting Vista UAC In Both 32 and...
by Asim S on Article "Subverting Vista UAC In Both 32 and...
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by Vidyasagar MSC on technical blog "Windows : xRDP to CentOS 6.5"
by XmenWK on Article "A Quick-Start Guide of Process...

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