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Web Security

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by Brij
This article discusses some problems with the earlier approach and discusses Identity federation
by Dennis Baberich
A simple check list on what to look out for when developing a website
by Steve Wellens
There was a question from a student over on the Asp.Net forums about improving site performance. The concern was that every time an app setting was read from the Web.Config file, the disk would be accessed. With many app settings and many users, it was believed performance would suffer. Their intent
by Sarvesh Kushwaha
This article describes how to obfuscate the javascript in and mvc.

Latest Articles

by Graham D Smith
In this blog post (which is part of my series on on implementing continuous delivery with TFS) we look at creating automated web tests with Selenium. Although the need for manual testing will probably never go away any organisation that wants to deploy software on a frequent basis is going to have t
by Graham D Smith
In this instalment of my series on implementing continuous delivery with TFS we pick up where we left off in the previous post and add the automated web tests we created to Microsoft Test Manager. We then look at how to schedule these tests for automatic execution through the deployment pipeline. Ex
by Taiseer Joudeh
Part 3: Tutorial shows how to implement OAuth JSON Web Tokens Authentication (JWT) using ASP.NET Web API 2.2 and ASP.NET Identity 2.1
by CdnSecurityEngineer
What view should a security individual working in the security space have? What’s their role? Should they know software development, or only security? Should they do testing, or should they only provide direction, what level of direction should they provide?…Read more ›The post Sec

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The focus of IT security is increasingly moving away from the network...
Up to 80% of the source code in many new commercial and enterprise...
The web application firewall (WAF) market has grown strongly in recent...
While there’s no doubt that open source software is here to stay, that...


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