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Web Services

Great Reads

by Stoyan Damov
Internet File System from scratch - making web services and peer-to-peer technology work together to build a virtual file system
by Roman Kiss
Using the WebService Probe to publish details of the "talking" between the web service and its consumer. Here is its design, implementation and usage in the WebService Analyzer Studio.
by Roman Kiss
This article describes a .NET Application model driven by the Web Services using the Virtual Web Service Proxy (written in C#)
by Stuart Wheelwright
Using ServiceMon to obtain performance statistics for web services

Latest Articles

by Mohsen Heydari
Intercepting WCF and SOAP services for logging SOAP envelop
by ideafixxxer
Describes how to avoid loss of performance when implementing SOAP extensions.
by Serge Jerkezian
The article covers the basic architecture of AngularJS and how to connect it to a WebAPI.
by SupperSlonic
The Web API token based authentication via OWIN OAuth2 middleware supported by Facebook, Google, Microsoft.Extracting additional user's information from social networks.

Research Library

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