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Web Services

Web Services

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by Stoyan Damov
Internet File System from scratch - making web services and peer-to-peer technology work together to build a virtual file system
by Roman Kiss
Using the WebService Probe to publish details of the "talking" between the web service and its consumer. Here is its design, implementation and usage in the WebService Analyzer Studio.
by Roman Kiss
This article describes a .NET Application model driven by the Web Services using the Virtual Web Service Proxy (written in C#)
by Elmue
Demo of 6 completely different webservices also with SOAP

Latest Articles

Receive raw XML in WCF service
by Shawn1Xu
Build a microservice with Service Fabric on Windows Server 2012 using ASP.NET 5 and Service Fabric SDK
by Shawn1Xu
OData Interoperability with .Net C# and Java applications
by Purbasha Ghosh
Make MVC Web API code unit testable from controller

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by SSBO on tip/trick "WCF REST Service for Raw XML"
by SSBO on tip/trick "WCF REST Service for Raw XML"
by Parth J Patel on tip/trick "How to make REST requests with C# "
by Member 12474742 on Using Soap Extensions to provide progress...
by Izhar A. on article "OData Interoperability with .Net and...

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