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Win32/64 SDK & OS

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by Apriorit Inc, Ivan Romanenko
This article is the continue of the previously posted article Hide Driver. Some methods to detect hidden files and processes are described in it
by Nish Nishant
CProcessData is a template class that makes it easy to use data allocated in a different process, and is useful when making inter-process SendMessage/PostMessage calls.
by csrss
A tool for loading device drivers
by Arik Poznanski
BackgroundApplication Recovery and Restart (ARR) is a feature that allows you to prepare for the impossible (?) case where your application crash or waits forever (“Not Responding”)The feature lets you “register” for these cases in order to give you the opportunity to save the application data or do

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by Xiao Ling
I saw many posts arguing the performance winner between ZXing and ZBar. As an engineer, who is developing commercial barcode reader software for Dynamsoft, I am curious about which open source project is better, ZXing or ZBar? Considering ZXing is implemented in Java, whereas ZBar is implemented in
by Toby Opferman
Building your own 64-bit Windows Extender
by Joan Murt
If you are getting the unknown error while trying to update your Windows, try this before going mad.
by maratoni
This is a brief tutorial on how to sign a Windows device driver with WDK 7.1

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