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by Martin Jarvis
Diagnosing Tricky ASP.NET Production Issues with DebugDiag and winDbg
by Tarun_Arora
If you track your project tasks against work items, you would know the importance of Work Item History. This is one way for you to reflect on who did what and when, some organizations use it for auditing purposes as well. Using the WorkItemStore service it is possible to get the work item revisio
by Sandeep Kumar Seeram
Undiscovered five best ways to market your software solution.
by Ashton Kemerling
Hero mode will burn out your heroes, and make it almost impossible to use the majority of your dev team.

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by Paul M Watt
No one likes to be wrong, except maybe the class clown; even then, I'm sure they don't like it if their incorrect answer does not get any laughs from the others. I especially hate when someone breaks the build, and the cause turns out to be a change that I made. I learned long ago not to try to chas
by Gordon W Beeming
In my last post (Introduction to DotNet Pretty) I mentioned that I would be added more visualizers to DotNet Pretty soon . Today I finally managed to get around to that and added some visualizers for TFS Work Items. 3 new visualizers were added 2 debugger display visualizers and 1 debugger visualize
by Gautham Prabhu K
As a software developer we will have to deal with performance issues at some or other point in our software development. I am listing out some of the most common assumption and mistakes made by developers when dealing with performance issues.
by Kevin Mack
Ok, so this update is going to be a short one, mainly cause I am in the process of researching for a longer blog post on Microsoft Azure, and a process article on implementing scrum into a young development team. But those are topics for future articles, and will be released shortly, but I wanted to


by Thomas Maierhofer (Tom) on technical blog "How I Avoid Making Mistakes"
by Sampath Lokuge on technical blog "How to Work with Lists and...
by DamithSL on technical blog "How to Work with Lists and...
by anandssunku on Requirement Gathering Techniques
by Kevin Mack on technical blog "Making SaveChanges Work for You"

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