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by Martin Jarvis
Diagnosing Tricky ASP.NET Production Issues with DebugDiag and winDbg
by Keyhole Software
“You don’t have a time machine— you’re living the same twenty-four hours we all are. You can barely make it through your day with all the current things there are to do; when is “someday” finally going to arrive? The answer is, of course, never. Today is it.”  - Andrew J. Mellen, “
by Tarun_Arora
If you track your project tasks against work items, you would know the importance of Work Item History. This is one way for you to reflect on who did what and when, some organizations use it for auditing purposes as well. Using the WorkItemStore service it is possible to get the work item revisio
by Bishram
Setting Up Holistic Metrics System for a Software Company

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by Jamie Munro
Just over three months ago, I posted a few memorable blogs (for me) in regards to a career change.  The career change has been made and I thought I would share my retrospective on how it has affected me.Following the format of the retrospectives I have been over the past 3 months, I’ll start with a
by OriginalGriff
Getting started with GIT, Visual Studio, and BitBucket isn't difficult - but it can take a bit of working out. Here is a simple explanation of what to do to get a new project under source control.
by Dileep Ashok
Configure Many-To-Many Relationship and ListBox control in MVC and Entity Framework
by Paul M Watt
What does one-size fits all mean? I suppose there are two way to answer that question, 1) How well do you want it to fit? 2) What do you mean by 'all'? For example, a clothing manufacturer is content with the percentage of the population that their product will fit, such as a T-shirt, hat or Snuggie

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