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by Apriorit Inc, Ivan Romanenko
This article is the continue of the previously posted article Hide Driver. Some methods to detect hidden files and processes are described in it
by csrss
A tool for loading device drivers
by Tim Almdal
Implementing an Autoplay handler in C#.
by Szymon Roslowski
Just another approach to understanding communication between HID devices and C#.

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by DaveAuld
Building for and consuming the Blitzortung Lightning Detection Network
by Alekz
A simple solution to a serialization problem with IBindingList-implementer classes.
by msiyer
This is a problem that had me baffled for a long time. I had, very long back, during the very initial days of Manjaro Linux, installed it on my Western Digital(WD) My Passport HD. WD My Passport is a 160GB yellow colored cute little thing. Everything worked great. Manjaro is undoubtedly one of the b
by Bruce Bennett
Looking at ways to get the first unique number in a sequence.

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