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Hiren solanki at 11-Jun-12 8:47am View
it's a .Net framework class.
Hiren Solanki at 30-Aug-11 7:37am View
Reason for my vote of 5
short and sweet trick, I always love to accomplish this type of scenario using regex.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Mar-11 2:22am View
Good answer sandeep.
Hiren Solanki at 28-Jan-11 0:29am View
I just seen that it isn't accepted still, BTW don't worry about 1 vote my 5 question intentionally downvoted by some platinum memeber. I am not worrying about votes now.
Hiren Solanki at 24-Jan-11 22:26pm View
Message from OP:Thought so. Already wrote the loop. Just wondering if there was something more automated. Thanks for the quick jump in.
Hiren Solanki at 24-Jan-11 1:55am View
Glad it helped you,
If you correct my code with your following suggestion then please post me too it.
Hiren Solanki
Hiren Solanki at 24-Jan-11 1:50am View
Oh I missed that thing.
Thanks sir. I will update my code accordingly.
Hiren Solanki at 24-Jan-11 1:41am View
I am removing from list only. I am not removing from original string. so the position will be the same when it first found. so that it will be easy to remove it from string, Sir.
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 9:54am View
I had forgot to include class too.
I've updated my answer accordingly.
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 9:22am View
Thanks for correcting question. Now you wins. +5.
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 9:20am View
item array is a list of columns in a row. Thanks.
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 9:15am View
what's a source for taking data dynamic ? can you please clarify the whole scenario ?
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 9:11am View
Then what's problem with
lst.Items.Add(new ListItem("rupa,anitha,latha,rani")); ?
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 9:07am View
Try this
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 9:00am View
You are welcome. I thought to help you in anyway as I was free.
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 8:59am View
Have you checked that you are getting atleast one rows in foundrows ?
check by int a = foundrows.count();
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 8:38am View
Then there must be only 6 columns there. and it's based on 0 index so if you want to find column 6 then use foundrow[5]
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 8:38am View
Then there must be only 6 columns there. and it's based on 0 index so if you want to find column 6 then use foundrow[5]
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 8:26am View
It's a collection of rows so you can display it in a single text box but if you want value of one of the column only then you can do it like,
text1.Text = foundrow[2].ToString();
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 8:17am View
Comment from OP: can u pls give the codedomo
it will be very helpfull to me
Pls help
Thank you,
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 6:50am View
+5 to you too for being correct.
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 6:25am View
Could you please show us a snippet ?
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 0:44am View
How much point it deducted from you ?
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 0:32am View
I too haven't voted you down. Sorry !!
Hiren Solanki at 21-Jan-11 0:31am View
I haven't voted you down. Sorry.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 9:19am View
comment from OP:ok guys what do this line really do ?
System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess().MaxWorkingSet = System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess().MinWorkingSet;
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 7:45am View
If you just want article counter then It's quite easy I think. while fetching article from DB just increase counter and display article.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 7:44am View
Comment from OP : i am not talking about page view counter i want to article view counter
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 7:16am View
Link is not working.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 4:57am View
Ok I am posting my answer again.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 4:56am View
Yes man I have also included <string><string> in my comment. but due to encoding problem I think it just skipped. and comment got misunderstood.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 4:30am View
Can anybody please tell me why my answer is deleted ?
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 3:48am View
are you sure your string is equivalent to int ? I mean if you are converting 'A12' to int then it might throw error. otherwise follow answer by JF2015.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 3:34am View
That's why I am not leaving CP after getting this much down vote :laugh:
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 3:29am View
It's not quite clear still please elucidate more.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 3:27am View
I haven't pissed anyone still but I don't know who's it.
He's downvoting every answer of mine.
Hope he/she will get tire from this soon.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 3:24am View
Oh my bad!! I understood the query little differently and I don't have an idea of varible executing works in normal query too in TOP.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 3:22am View
it 'basicHttpBinding' you missed 'n' inside.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 3:21am View
We can't know about who's downvoting. it's top secret for all of us.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 2:30am View
Good link downvoted . let me counter +5.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 2:16am View
Sorry But I didn't aware about variable inside top works. It's all correct
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 2:04am View
Wel come my downvoter friend come and downvote it using different account too.
Hiren Solanki at 20-Jan-11 1:52am View
I think just replacing wsHttpBinding with basicHttpBinding in config may help you.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 9:43am View
I dont know why is coming though I am deleting it. please ignore it.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 8:27am View
You just please put as a reply to person to whom you want to notify on. hover on pravin patil comment and click reply.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 8:09am View
Removed irritating smiley used everywhere.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 7:55am View
Simply substring can achieve that.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 7:53am View
Thanks Eswar.
I was not aware of this.
Take a virtual five for this info as I coudn't do it with comments.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 7:52am View
Thanks Eswar.
I was not aware of this.
Take a virtual five for this info as I coudn't do it with comments.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 7:51am View
Thanks rajesh, I don't know but many of my answer getting downvoted today for no reason. even accepted like this too and I've requested for that in site/bugs.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 7:48am View
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 7:22am View
AFAIK all the code is executed at serverside client is just presenting.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 7:16am View
could you please simplify your question ?
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 7:15am View
Exactly what I was thinking. +5
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 6:29am View
Good answer John.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 6:29am View
Why to go with such a long way if you can simply achieve it using String.Split() ?
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 6:29am View
A good Answer.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 5:57am View
very good answer among all.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 5:02am View
What do you talking about ?
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 3:57am View
sorry, I was not aware of the UI as OP hasn't mentioned it.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 3:46am View
To the point.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 3:44am View
Can you please make me know for following such a length work as of you can get it with simple substring ? as mkgoud represented.
Hiren Solanki at 19-Jan-11 3:44am View
Substring is good too.
Hiren Solanki at 18-Jan-11 6:39am View
Thanks Baji,
And tell me if you're getting mail for this reply of the comment. Just for a test.
Hiren Solanki at 18-Jan-11 5:47am View
I think you've got enough reply when you initially posted this question.
Hiren Solanki at 18-Jan-11 5:46am View
comment from OP:Hi,
Thanks for your reply,
I am already using placeholder to add the gridview control.
Hiren Solanki at 18-Jan-11 5:29am View
Comment from OP:Thanks a lot Anupama
This worked for me
Hiren Solanki at 18-Jan-11 5:11am View
I mean of link inside one of the answer may help to enable print button in SSRS.
Hiren Solanki at 18-Jan-11 4:24am View
Don't you know you've provided working id password.
Hiren Solanki at 18-Jan-11 2:03am View
Ok Let me see if I can find anything for you.
Hiren Solanki at 18-Jan-11 0:29am View
Ok Sandeep, I was not aware about the UI. Thanks and good answer.
Hiren Solanki at 17-Jan-11 8:50am View
I can not assume on why you're getting NULL values on text box may be this is regarding on AutoPostBack Controls are initializing.
Hiren Solanki at 17-Jan-11 8:31am View
Can you please share your code snippet ? so that we can have clear idea.
Hiren Solanki at 17-Jan-11 7:05am View
That just checks for if row having two cells or static cells , what if you don't know about cells in a row ?
Hiren Solanki at 17-Jan-11 7:04am View
Before you bind data to gridview you should check for empty lines in source.
In short before Gridview.DataBind(); just check all the rows.
Hiren Solanki at 17-Jan-11 5:59am View
see my updated answer.!!
Hiren Solanki at 17-Jan-11 4:10am View
Thank Nuri.
Hiren Solanki at 17-Jan-11 4:06am View
Thanks baji.
Hiren Solanki at 17-Jan-11 3:55am View
your function will result into error. see my answer.
Hiren Solanki at 13-Jan-11 2:03am View
Do you think this is an answer ?
Hiren Solanki at 13-Jan-11 1:54am View
That is just a simple comment to my answer, Nothing more then that. put it in comment so that op can be sync.
Hiren Solanki at 13-Jan-11 1:43am View
i am unable to call the method in WCF service. i have a problem in this line.
GetDataCode.getResult(input, OnWSRequestComplete);
Hiren Solanki at 13-Jan-11 1:42am View
Good link Jens.
Hiren Solanki at 13-Jan-11 1:40am View
Reply to your comment : please share your code what and how you applied so far.
Hiren Solanki at 13-Jan-11 1:21am View
Very good answer mate.
Hiren Solanki at 13-Jan-11 1:05am View
can you please elaborate ?
Hiren Solanki at 13-Jan-11 0:37am View
Yes he can do it accordingly too. This is just a way. thanks ankur for inputs.
Hiren Solanki at 12-Jan-11 8:01am View
Just removed laughing icon, that I think making OP a dumb questioner. and vote of 2 for laughing against.
Hiren Solanki at 12-Jan-11 7:34am View
@rep to OP: Thought it's not what you want, but surely he/she tried to help you, you shouldn't downvote. It's just a free help.
Hiren Solanki at 12-Jan-11 7:31am View
on the track +5.
Hiren Solanki at 12-Jan-11 6:27am View
Take a 5.
Hiren Solanki at 12-Jan-11 6:26am View
Take a +5 for involving me in answer too.
Hiren Solanki at 12-Jan-11 5:31am View
that seems deserving answer to OP. +5
Hiren Solanki at 12-Jan-11 5:30am View
please find google for that.
Hiren Solanki at 12-Jan-11 4:35am View
That's just a spoon feeding. do you think OP deserves this much answer with such a effort. ?
Hiren Solanki at 12-Jan-11 4:02am View
Good answer.
Hiren Solanki at 12-Jan-11 4:01am View
I was not clear with what OP asking so you need to look at third para also.
Hiren Solanki at 12-Jan-11 4:01am View
So Can't you see third para. for the same ?
Hiren Solanki at 11-Jan-11 8:31am View
can we have a code please ?
Hiren Solanki at 11-Jan-11 8:15am View
that was good and easy answer. +5
Hiren Solanki at 11-Jan-11 6:41am View
can you share your code too ?
Hiren Solanki at 11-Jan-11 6:06am View
This is the same what i suggested, If it helped then don't post your answer just accept it, everybody will know it later on.
Hiren Solanki at 11-Jan-11 6:06am View
Hi friends I got the answer.
Below is the query.Here I included year and month.
SELECT SUM(TaxableAmt) [NSV], (UPPER(CONVERT(VARCHAR,LEFT(DATENAME(MM,invoicedate),3)))+'/'+ CONVERT(VARCHAR,RIGHT(DATENAME(YYYY,invoicedate),2))) AS MONT,YEAR(invoicedate),Month(invoicedate)
FROM SALESDATA where (invoicedate >='4-1-2008' and invoicedate <='4-30-2011')
GROUP BY (UPPER(CONVERT(VARCHAR,LEFT(DATENAME(MM,invoicedate),3)))+'/'+ CONVERT(VARCHAR,RIGHT(DATENAME(YYYY,invoicedate),2))),YEAR(invoicedate),Month(invoicedate)
Order By YEAR(invoicedate),Month(invoicedate)
Hiren Solanki at 11-Jan-11 6:06am View
you can always accept answer if it solved.
Hiren Solanki at 11-Jan-11 1:29am View
If not a primary key but atleast it should have multiple value from that row that can find row uniquely.
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 9:52am View
good question it is.
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 9:50am View
It's just for fetching a records illegally if some one have used inline query rather then parameterized.
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 7:21am View
No abhijit I am not considering you as a downvoters and I don't want to make discussion about this bloody hell thing as of now I've some moral supporter with me.
If you've downvoted then I may have lost 36 points but I've lost only 16 so obviously you are not a downvoter.
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 6:25am View
Yeah sure I know who has downvoted.. The upvoter has done.
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 5:40am View
yes I think but I was little on spot, I supposed that OP know where to write.
Anyway thanks sandeep.
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 5:32am View
Thanks sandeep but I've answered before abhijit.
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 5:30am View
Thanks SMP.
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 5:09am View
comment from OP:I would but unfortunately that has the same problem so I can't post there either.
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 4:58am View
Good answer abhijit.
you can further truncate code to
e.Row.Cells[2].Text = s.Status == 1?"Yes":"No";
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 4:56am View
No one is here to do complete home work. I am just showing a way to do.
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 3:51am View
Well done DD.
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 3:33am View
Could you please little elaborate ?
Hiren Solanki at 10-Jan-11 2:11am View
It first need some of your efforts towards too.
Hiren Solanki at 8-Jan-11 2:12am View
But Man consecutive downvotes made me force delete rather then being pissed more.
Hiren Solanki at 8-Jan-11 2:04am View
Thanks kunal.
Hiren Solanki at 8-Jan-11 1:25am View
oh sandeep please include @raheleh_es before commenting, I was reading that you're telling to me.
Hiren Solanki at 8-Jan-11 1:01am View
See the provide article link for more details. if it isn't solve share your code.
Hiren Solanki at 7-Jan-11 23:13pm View
Good call Kythen.
Hiren Solanki at 7-Jan-11 22:59pm View
Thank you venkatesh. Take a 5.
Hiren Solanki at 7-Jan-11 22:58pm View
Thank you,thank you,thank you venkatesh......For linking to my article. Take a 5.
Hiren Solanki at 7-Jan-11 4:00am View
I think we need to help each other to make it in blue again. +5.
Hiren Solanki at 7-Jan-11 2:23am View
Sandeep you beat me to it.
Hiren Solanki at 7-Jan-11 2:13am View
A very good question.
Hiren Solanki at 7-Jan-11 1:27am View
Thanks JF for notifying I've changed it accordingly to en-US.
Hiren Solanki at 7-Jan-11 1:21am View
Good half answer JF. Don't worry I've taken care of you afterwords.
Hiren Solanki at 7-Jan-11 1:17am View
Good explanation sandeep.
Hiren Solanki at 7-Jan-11 0:24am View
you can accept answer for not getting more answer as you've found the answer what you need.
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 9:26am View
Comment from OP:I need multi selection without using check box
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 8:43am View
Kind of you JF.
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 8:42am View
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 8:40am View
Good call sandeep. That is very short and sweet answer. +5
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 8:40am View
Good call john.
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 8:39am View
Good answer toli.
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 8:33am View
That's very well said, john
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 8:21am View
Thanks john for advice. but OP have asked question like "what is replacement for substring in MS ACCESS" ? that could make sense.
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 7:33am View
Thanks SMP.
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 7:07am View
can you please show us how you're defining multimain.
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 7:02am View
See venkatesh I've tried to explain it in detail.
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 6:48am View
Code can only make clarity in question.
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 5:53am View
Good answer rajesh, 5+
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 4:14am View
Good one rajesh, +5
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 3:35am View
Comment from OP:Above solution is not sufficient for that..........
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 2:00am View
OP Comments : wt should i give to connect to the remote computer.It is not working if i'm giving just name.
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 1:59am View
can't you see the same is answered before 10 min.
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 1:56am View
That's a very good question, I don't know why people is downvoting it.
If you will see my answer you will find same question discussed in Forum before, and it was formatted correctly, but you've just missed to present it and it's a very good information question for whom not aware of it still. :)
Hiren Solanki at 6-Jan-11 1:16am View
Oh JF you beat me to it.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 9:06am View
Which type of plugin ? can you please care to go somewhat elucidating it ?
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 8:40am View
Good simplistic answer JF2015. +5
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 8:38am View
Thanks Toli for your correction.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 8:37am View
Good answer manfred.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 8:37am View
Thanks manfred.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 8:08am View
see my updated answer.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 7:40am View
glad it helped you.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 7:16am View
you haven't got question properly. but I haven't downvoted you.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 4:14am View
Linq is quite different then Extension method, Extension method can be attached to datatype itself. link are provided is more then enough to learn Extension method.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 4:05am View
Mark it as answer if it helped. please don't keep the thread live once it has a required answer.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 3:42am View
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 3:28am View
@CPallini : it's in that programme, you need to find that out, it's test for us.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 2:23am View
see my updated answer, that may help you.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 1:59am View
how you want to change ? from what to what ? give an example, If you are too much lazy to describe your question then people are here lazier then you too answer.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 1:53am View
It isn't clear.
Hiren Solanki at 5-Jan-11 1:26am View
I was understanding for printing page in physical page from database, So I've posted that link. I was not sure on what OP wanted actually.
Hiren Solanki at 4-Jan-11 9:05am View
That is really a shame. I've got 3 downvotes on this accepted answer []
Hiren Solanki at 4-Jan-11 8:32am View
Thanks manfred.
Hiren Solanki at 4-Jan-11 7:45am View
offcourse linking in SQL Reporting service is possible.
Hiren Solanki at 4-Jan-11 6:35am View
accept answer if it helped. or make subject [solved] accordingly. please
Hiren Solanki at 4-Jan-11 5:23am View
corrected 'pre' tag formation.
Hiren Solanki at 4-Jan-11 4:58am View
See my updated answer this may help.
Hiren Solanki at 4-Jan-11 4:09am View
removed 'urgentz' tag,
Hiren Solanki at 4-Jan-11 3:32am View
Just formatted.
Hiren Solanki at 4-Jan-11 3:20am View
comment from OP : Thanx for ur replies...
But i would like to make the monitoring tool that can just track the user activity & show it to the admin..
Hope u understand my need..
Hiren Solanki at 4-Jan-11 2:13am View
do not write email or other personal thing here. you are giving invitation to spammer by this.
Hiren Solanki at 3-Jan-11 8:48am View
No Manfred he's just want to apply cascade constrain while defining foreign key. but he's asking some what question that made me in confusion couple of times.
Hiren Solanki at 3-Jan-11 8:44am View
Okey sorry that I haven't seen revisions. Because Toniyo is posting everywhere same message so I thought he may have put it in hurry.
Hiren Solanki at 3-Jan-11 8:43am View
That is what I was thinking too. but I finally thought that he's missing something with misunderstanding about.
Hiren Solanki at 3-Jan-11 7:44am View
@Toniyo : are you giving advice blindly or what ? where the hell you found 'pre' tag need ?
Hiren Solanki at 3-Jan-11 6:56am View
you're welcome.
Hiren Solanki at 3-Jan-11 6:32am View
How many time you will repeat the answer ?
Hiren Solanki at 3-Jan-11 5:30am View
Your question is seriously not clear.
Hiren Solanki at 3-Jan-11 5:29am View
Learn basics first you will automatically get your answer. That isn't a hard thing.there's lots of article around for learning basic things, search google.
Hiren Solanki at 3-Jan-11 3:58am View
That isn't need to include in coding , you need to put in CSS file. or inside <style></style> tag.
Hiren Solanki at 3-Jan-11 1:47am View
That's good TIP. :mad:, do you have any problem ?
Hiren Solanki at 3-Jan-11 0:55am View
Comments from OP :thanks for your suggestion.
but i am not able to use visual studio (aspx pages). because of lack of memory in hardware.
can i use Json in html pages or .js pages.
Nilesh Rathod
Hiren Solanki at 31-Dec-10 8:50am View
May I know by disabling viewstate what you want to achieve ?
Hiren Solanki at 31-Dec-10 7:50am View
A very obvius answer (up)
Hiren Solanki at 31-Dec-10 7:32am View
Thanks raja, for such a hard work :D
Hiren Solanki at 31-Dec-10 6:59am View
Is today PHP learning session ?
Hiren Solanki at 31-Dec-10 6:55am View
See my comments below my answer.
Hiren Solanki at 31-Dec-10 6:54am View
before the line you want to start debugging, when compilation will hit that line it will take you to the source to debug it line by line as you're doing in Visual studio.
Hiren Solanki at 31-Dec-10 5:43am View
Thanks for downvoting a very true answer.
Hiren Solanki at 31-Dec-10 5:43am View
are you getting point of OP ? he don't want to deploy in IIS 7.0 rather he want to see 'Create Application' like facilit in IIS 5.0 ?
Hiren Solanki at 31-Dec-10 4:53am View
It's not a site regarding sharing website, share your answer rather then gibberish stuff.
Hiren Solanki at 31-Dec-10 4:36am View
That's ok manfred, But I think OP is asking that if he's using D:\img.png then it's not being fetched via browser but if he's pasting the same in browser address bar then it's showing image, I was making him understand that way.
Hiren Solanki at 31-Dec-10 4:14am View
generate a wanted list of column directly then pass it to provided LINQ , I think it accepts string so you can.
Hiren Solanki at 31-Dec-10 3:02am View
No understanding at all, I found similar words in <a href="">Here</a> to, Please check that before approving trick.

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