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scenario is there is a drive and in that drive there is a files which is automatically created in every 4 mints so i fetch this date time in in this code

now i want to insert data in db that when any file not created within 4 mint then i want to insert data in db

data is sent to db but problem is this data not send when 4 mint is over and i want this condition

What I have tried:

                   string abc= "";
                   abc= ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("abc");

                   DateTime dattme= File.GetLastAccessTime(abc);

                   Console.WriteLine("the last access time for  c {0}", dattme);

                   if(DateTime.Now.Minute > 4)
                       DataClasses1DataContext db = new DataClasses1DataContext();
                       tbl_OutBox tb = new tbl_OutBox();
                       tb.ToSIM_No = "+234234324";
                       tb.ToText = "Check please";
                       tb.FromSIM_No = "+234234324";
                       tb.FromText = "Check please";


               catch (Exception e)
                   Console.WriteLine("The process failed: {0}", e.ToString());

how to solve
Updated 11-May-16 0:58am

I think you have forgotten the little detail of subtracting two times from each other.
Right now you are just taking an arbitrary time and check the Minute part.

TimeSpan timeDiff = DateTime.Now - File.GetLastAccessTime(abc);
if (timeDiff.TotalMinutes > 4)
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BillWoodruff 11-May-16 9:43am    
George Jonsson 11-May-16 18:33pm    
Thanks Bill.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-May-16 13:02pm    
George Jonsson 11-May-16 18:33pm    
Thanks Sergey.
Try something like
if(DateTime.Now.Subtract(dattme).Minutes > 4)

Subtract gives you an object of Timespan class and u can check the minutes in it
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George Jonsson 11-May-16 7:03am    
The problem with using the Minutes property is that if the time difference is, for example, 1 hour and 1 minute, the Minutes property will be equal to 1.
So then the if statement will not be entered, even though the file is 61 minutes old.
glen205 11-May-16 7:31am    
Timespan TotalMinutes property should address this, rather than using Minutes?
George Jonsson 11-May-16 7:33am    
super_user 11-May-16 7:36am    
george please explain briefly
George Jonsson 11-May-16 8:56am    
What do you need to be explained?

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