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Hi Folks i have table --> Empdetails

Empname EmpID
------- ------
AAA 1001
AAA 1001
BBB 1002
BBB 1002

i want to delete duplicate records not both the records.

the result should be like

Empname EmpID
------- -----
AAA 1001
BBB 1002

Please help me...!!!!
Bala Selvanayagam 14-Apr-12 14:17pm    
what version of SQL server you are using ?

If the table doesn't have an ID column I would do that SELECT DISTINCT into a new table, delete all records on the Empdetails table and repopulate that table with all the records from that initial temp table.
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Prasad Guduri 14-Apr-12 10:25am    
if suppose record will be like

Uniqueid empid empname
-------- ----- -------
1 1001 prasad
2 1001 prasad
3 1002 arun
4 1002 arun

then how to remove duplicates ?
Jorge J. Martins 14-Apr-12 10:42am    
You could try:

DELETE FROM Empdetails
FROM Empdetails INNER JOIN Empdetails AS Empdetails_1 ON Empdetails.ID < Empdetails_1.ID AND Empdetails.EmpID = Empdetails_1.EmpID
AshishChaudha 29-Jun-12 4:51am    
good answer..
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You can use SELECT DISTINCT Empname, EmpID FROM ...
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Prasad Guduri 14-Apr-12 9:35am    
but my requirement is delete... not display...!!!!
Jorge J. Martins 14-Apr-12 9:37am    
I'm sorry!
Does your table has an ID column?
Prasad Guduri 14-Apr-12 9:52am    
Yes there is a EmpID column in my table.
Jorge J. Martins 14-Apr-12 9:56am    
I mean a unique ID for every record.
Argonia 17-Apr-12 3:17am    
you should set the property unique for your EmpID

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