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Hello everyone, I have a class of Animals, a AnimalGroup class and a Main class. The AnimalGroup class is instantiated and it has a list of Animals. I have a print method in the AnimalGroup class that prints a list of animals but it's printing the memory address of the content of the list so I want to write a toString method in the AnimalGroup class that would print the content of the animal list.
Animal class
public class Animals {
	String name;
	String classification;

	public Animals(String name, String classification) { = name;
		this.classification = classification;
	//Getters and Setters

AnimalGroup class
public class AnimalGroup {
	String name;

	public AnimalGroup(String name) { = name;

	//Getters and Setters

	public void printAnimalsList(List<Animals> animals) {
		for(Animals i : animals) {
		public Animals toString() {

I need to complete the toString method, thanks for any help.

What I have tried:

public class Main {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		Animals lion = new Animals("Lion", "Mammal");
		Animals tiger = new Animals("Tiger", "Mammal");
		Animals snake = new Animals("Snake", "Reptile");
		List<Animals> animalsList = new ArrayList<>();
		AnimalGroup animalGroup1 = new AnimalGroup("Group1");
		List<List<Animals>> animalsGroupList = new ArrayList<>();


Updated 3-Jul-22 17:23pm

1 solution

First, the toString() method should return a String not an Animals type (or any other type).
Second, you want to override the standard java Object toString() method for your class.
Third, you really want the toString() method in the Animals class instead of AnimalGroup.

Something like:
public String toString() {
    return "Animal: " + name + ", Classification: " + classification;

Then in your AnimalGroup printAnimalsList() method change the println call to:

You can get rid of the toString() method in the AnimalGroup class.
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CPallini 4-Jul-22 2:33am    
FreedMalloc 4-Jul-22 11:06am    
Thank you!
UT7 4-Jul-22 10:40am    
@FreedMalloc thanks a lot, it worked ! Thank you.
FreedMalloc 4-Jul-22 11:05am    
@tuns13yahooca, I'm glad I was able to help. Good luck!

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