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I just discovered LiveCharts2 for a WPF project, nice tool, used it for my project, everything fine.

But now, the customer:
In a bar chart he wants some of the bars solid, some hatched.
No problem with different bars, but how do I get a *hatched* bar?

Second solution:
Or do you know another Library with this feature?

Thank you very much!

What I have tried:

I searched the LiveCharts-examples (there is no hatched bar) and the web, I tried to find a useful class for the Fill-parameter, but could not find a solution...
Updated 30-Jul-23 22:16pm

1 solution

Best place to ask is here: Issues · beto-rodriguez/LiveCharts2 · GitHub[^] or here: Questions tagged [livecharts] - StackOverflow[^]

But... looking at the documentation I found this: CartesianChart.Column series props - LiveCharts2[^] which points to this: Overview.Paints - LiveCharts2[^]

It looks like you need to create a custom Paint. Here is the code for a SolidColorPaint: LiveCharts2/src/skiasharp/LiveChartsCore.SkiaSharp/Painting/SolidColorPaint.cs at master · beto-rodriguez/LiveCharts2 · GitHub[^] and here is a StackOverflow answer that shows how to do a HatchPaint: SkiaSharp - how to create a hatch or dotted pattern on the filled space between curves[^]. You will need to make your own by combining the default with the SO answer method.
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M.Vo. 1-Aug-23 2:30am    
my best thanks for your quick reaction and the redirection!
Graeme_Grant 1-Aug-23 3:25am    
You are most welcome. Good luck with it!

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