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i want to can write visual programs with c/c++ like adobe applications group or even like windows but i dont know how can i write and where i can do it?

is there a cross-platform IDE and compiler for c/c++ with GUI capability like microsoft visual studio?

*** i dont want to use vs.
Updated 7-Feb-13 20:05pm
Chris Reynolds (UK) 7-Feb-13 9:36am    
Are you looking for something like GTK+ which is a cross-platform GUI toolkit?

Why don't you want to use VS? If you tell us why not it can help in pointing you to alternatives.
hor_313 7-Feb-13 9:48am    
cause i want to switch to linux and other platforms like android when i want
hor_313 7-Feb-13 9:51am    
i dont know about GTK+ but i am seeking for a something like vs but it is cross-platform
Chris Reynolds (UK) 7-Feb-13 10:01am    
If you're looking for a tool that offers as much built in help and support as VS does for Windows development but will build for multiple target platforms you will struggle. You need to find a GUI toolkit that is available on all the platforms that you want to develop for and then find a dev environment that supports both
hor_313 7-Feb-13 10:05am    
thanks , but whats your suggest for good IDE+Compiler+GUI toolkit?

We cannot discuss all C++ libraries, can only focus on UI development, which the the topic most difficult for cross-platform development. I also don't want to discuss anything commercial (like VCL), except Visual Studio which I guess you have.

You already know about Qt. (I answered here: is the Qt creator with its library(Qt 5) best choice for c/c++ ?[^].)

What else?

First of all, GTK+:[^],[^];
see also:[^].

Another well-known library is wxWidgets:[^],[^].

And, finally, FLTK:[^],[^].

You will probably find some more if you see Wikipedia cross-references from the pages I referenced above, but I listed the most well-known ones.

If you know or want to master C++/CLI, it would open the world of CLI and CLR to you, which is good for development on many platforms, first of all, via Mono:[^],[^].

In this approach, all your .NET application, when developed accurately and according to standards, will work on any of the platforms without recompilation. Also, you will get access to the very thorough language compatibility with all CLI languages:[^].

See also:[^],[^].

Unfortunately, the only library for UI development is System.Windows.Forms, but it's quite rich.

[EDIT #1]

But with Mono, you can also use CLI version (ports or wrappers) of GTK+, Qt and more.


On C++/CLI, please see:[^],[^],[^];
see also[^].

CLR, CLI and C++/CLI are standardized under ECMA and ISO, which is a huge plus.

[EDIT #2]

I forgot to mention IDE.

On Windows, you can develop on Visual Studio. With experience, you hopefully would be able just to rebuild the solution on Linux (not required for C++/CLI + Mono, as you can install Mono on Windows and test it all there).

However, in real life, some developing and debugging on other platform can be required. On Linux, I would recommend Anjuta:[^],[^].

In case of C++/CLI, you can use MonoDevelop, which is also available for Windows:[^],[^].

Moreover, C++/CLI UI based on GTK+ or Qt is better to develop with MonoDevelop IDE than on Visual Studio.

Also, Qt comes with its own IDE which I did not try.

I really advise you to spend some time and try all of the options to decide which you would prefer. It's really hard to give a final advice.

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H.Brydon 7-Feb-13 13:24pm    
Great answer (+5). Isn't there an Eclipse C++ IDE though? Also I read something about Anjuta (I used it briefly on linux but haven't tried it on Windows).
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Feb-13 13:37pm    
Thank you very much. Eclipse, is, basically, IDE for everything. By some reasons, I don't like Eclipse. However, maybe it's better these days...
hor_313 7-Feb-13 13:45pm    
i havnt read all of them since now but i thank your effort. i am sure it'll help me
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Feb-13 13:49pm    
You are very welcome.
Good luck, call again.
hor_313 8-Feb-13 7:30am    
if i dont like to use c++/cli and mono , which IDE is best (complete) to using for c++ ?
IDE: wxWidgets(wxDev C++)
Compiler: gcc
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