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At the moment I am reading one of the excellent articles of CodeProject
and I have troubles with code lines like:

string[] names = new string[] {"test1", "test2"};

Predicate<string> longWords = delegate(string word) { return word.Length > 4; };
int numberOfBooksWithLongNames = names.Count(longWords);

Compiler errors CS1928 and CS1503 in the last line.

Is it my stone-age C# compiler (VS2010) or what is going wrong?

Thanks in advance

1 solution

Change Predicate<string> to Func<string, bool>.
The Linq method Count is defined as;
public static int Count<TSource>(this IEnumerable<TSource> source, Func<TSource, bool> predicate);

Hope this helps,
sja63 21-Feb-13 9:53am
I have already included your recommended line.
This cannot be the reason.
Best regards.
Fredrik Bornander 21-Feb-13 9:57am
Sorry, I was too quick to reply, I've fixed my answer now.
sja63 21-Feb-13 10:04am
Thank you. It works now.
Fredrik Bornander 21-Feb-13 10:06am
Glad I could help, sorry about the first c***-up.

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