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I'm having an error when compiling my solution in Visual Studio 2010.

It gives me this error "Assembly signing failed; output may not be signed -- Error signing assembly -- The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.".

I have the same strong name key to all the projects in the solution (can this be the problem?).

Sometimes i'm able to compile it, but most of the time, gives me this error in one or another project. To be able to compile the solution i have to compile each project at a time.

Can you help me please?

Best regards

Bruno Fernandes

What I have seen when I have had this is that VS2010 is compiling the code across multiple processes and it does not always play nicely with each other. To get around this, you can go into the Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->Build and Run and then change the maximum number of parallel projects to 1. You might be able to experiment with 2 or 4, but the value defaults to the number of cores that you have. This will make your builds slower since it will only compile 1 project at a time, but I have seen this type of issue go away once I backed down on the parallel compiling.
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bsilence 21-Feb-13 11:17am    
Hello, thank you for your help, but this didn't solved my problem...
Steve Maier 21-Feb-13 17:10pm    
Another thing that it could be is Symantec Auto-Protect. I am actually seeing that at work today. I am testing with putting my source code folder as an exception to the Auto-Protect. I don't see this at home because I use Vipre there and not Symantec.
Dominick Sidiropoulos 25-Oct-15 22:31pm    
AntiViruses can definitely take the blame for many of these signing errors. Panda AV (free edition) certainly clogs signing in VS2013. Workarounds:

- Disable AV all together
- In VS options set the number of projects being build in parallel to 1 (this works only sometimes).
Take a look at this link

Error Deploying Visual Studio Workflows

I hope this helps.
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