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I have the desired code for my needs except for the argument that i wish to pass to the process that I am trying to run from my application.

the process is a command line tool that needs a specific string like so:

1. Filetool.exe "C:\myfile.exe"

I need to write something like this in to try and pass the correct argument to the process so that it will find the file I wish to perform the work on.

Dim Arguments as string = "Filetool.exe" & "" & fi.fullname

The problem to this string is it outputs to the cmd line or the process like this which is the incorrect usage:


How can I fix this so that the string will be passed exactly as it is shown in my first example (1.)
It would help If I knew how to add (") with a directory, filename and (") at the end. also how to add spaces when passing arguments

Thank you in advance..

This is what I have so far but still not working fully...

Public Sub Dissassemble()
            Dim process As New Process()
            Dim Disasm As String = "Disasm.exe" 'this string is for opening Disasm.exe 
            Dim Arguments As String = Disasm & " " & Label6.Text.ToString 'this string is to give the command to the exe window to use Disasm.exe and the filepath,filename and extension like so.. Disasm.exe C:\folder\folder\somefile.exe
            process.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = False
            process.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = True
            process.StartInfo.RedirectStandardError = True
            process.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = True
            process.StartInfo.FileName = Disasm 'As string
            process.StartInfo.Arguments = Arguments 'As string
            process.WaitForExit() ' Wait until Disasm.exe exits
            Dim output As String = process.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd() 'Returns Dos contents to Textbox1.text
            TextBox1.Text = output
            Label13.Text = Arguments 'Not really important just a test label to see the arguments string
        End Sub
Updated 1-Mar-13 15:33pm

1 solution

Below is a working example of how to start a program, pass command line arguments and retrieve the output in VB .NET

Revised Answer - Posted 2 March 2013 9:25am EST:
Dim process As New Process
    ' The program to be started by the Process Class:
    Dim Disasm As String = "C:\Users\Mike\Downloads\DISASM\disasm.exe"
    ' The string parameter to be passed to the program:
    Dim Arguments As String = "C:\Users\Mike\Downloads\DISASM\xxx.exe"
    process.StartInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden
    process.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = True
    Process.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = False
    Process.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = True
    Process.StartInfo.RedirectStandardError = True
    process.StartInfo.FileName = Disasm
    ' The FullPathName of the file to be processed is passed as the argument:
    process.StartInfo.Arguments = Arguments
    Dim output As String = process.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd()
    process.WaitForExit() ' Wait until the program has ended
Catch ex As Exception
    MsgBox(String.Concat(ex.Message, vbNewLine, vbNewLine, _
            "Unable to Start: " & Disasm), _
            MsgBoxStyle.Critical, _
            "Starting " & Disasm)
End Try

Tested with Visual Basic .NET 2012
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Dale 2012 28-Feb-13 12:54pm    
Thank you very much for this I am sure in most cases this would be enough to get things working and for the most part it does return a value back to my textbox1 but its not returning the correct information.

I should get an output of the file that I am trying to use with the filetool but instead im getting this

Couldn't find C:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-1749952126-3686413466-825947452-1000\$

I have placed a label on the form just to monitor the string output of what should be given to the process and it looks fine:

Filetool "C:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-1749952126-3686413466-825947452-1000\$"

I have used the code you have stated above..... Is there another way to enumerate files to pass each ones fullname as a string to the cmd line?.... thats my goal here

I will re-post what i have now maybe you can correct me where i have went wrong

thank you!!
Dale 2012 28-Feb-13 13:01pm    
I also am aware that the files may not be found in the recycle.bin but its the same for all files in all directories..
Dale 2012 28-Feb-13 13:07pm    
The file tool that i am using i have placed in my bin folder of the project.... when i call the process from my program does it open from this directory?.... It might be a issue with it not finding the process maybe?. idk
Mike Meinz 28-Feb-13 14:49pm    
You might want to put the fullpath to FileTool.exe similar to what I demonstrated in my original answer in Solution 1.
Mike Meinz 28-Feb-13 14:47pm    
You don't need to put quotes around the filename or include the name of the program in the arguments parameter.

I think you probably need to use Process.WaitForExit Method so you don't proceed until the program is completed.

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