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I've a Window form application, it's a multi-language program, and I create a file of
MyRes.en-US including all string of object in program for user with English language.

The MyRes.en-US has tree items of 'Name', 'Value' and 'Comment', I can implement following 2 lines to access the string in 'Value' :

ResourceManager rm = new ResourceManager(filepath.MyRes, typeof(MainForm).Assembly);
Label_A.Text = rm.GetString(ItemName_String, Culture);

It works well, but, my question now is as follows :
How can I get each string of item of 'Name', 'Value' and 'Description' in each row of MyRes.en-US ?

Thanks of your kind response
Updated 2-May-13 2:20am

1 solution

Looking for this ?
ResourceSet resourceSet = MyResourceClass.ResourceManager.GetResourceSet(CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture, true, true);
foreach (DictionaryEntry entry in resourceSet)
    string resourceKey = entry.Key;
    object resource = entry.Value;
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Sports Kuo 2-May-13 23:45pm    
Thanks CrystalB,

I write lines according to your suggestion as below :

ResourceSet resourceSet = rm.GetResourceSet(culture, true, true);
string resourceKey;
string resourceValue;
foreach (DictionaryEntry entry in resourceSet)
resourceKey = (string)entry.Key;
resourceValue = (string)entry.Value;

and it wors well, however, it can only get the string for 'Name' and 'Value', how can I get the string of 'Description' in rm ?

Thanks again of your fully support.
CrystalB 3-May-13 9:08am    
OK try this link
Sports Kuo 6-May-13 1:31am    
Thanks CrytalsB, it works well.

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