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I am new to wcf and mvc and i need to develop new application with using these two technology but Probable I can not decidebest architecture design for this so can anyone describe what architectural design following in industry.

thanks in advance
Updated 25-Sep-13 19:04pm
ArunRajendra 26-Sep-13 0:06am    
WCF is service oriented and MVC is web oriented. They are two different concept. Need more info to know exactly what is your requirement.

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Hi ExpertITM,
I suggest to choose N-Tier architecture for your application,
What architecture I have used is

1) Presentation layer - MVC project (User Interface)
2) Proxy Layer - C# library application (Reference to the service layer from presentation layer)
3) Service layer - WCF Service(SSL integrated optional)
4) Business Layer - C# library application(All business logic are implemented here)
5) Data Access Layer - C# library application (Data access information are implemented here)
6) Common layer - C# library application (Common functionalities are implemented here which references to all layer )

References is like

1 --> 2 --> 3 --> 4 --> 5

6 --> 1,6 --> 2, 6--> 3,6 --> 4,6 --> 5(common layer refers to all layers)

I hope this help you a bit.

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John-ph 26-Sep-13 0:55am    
just out of curiosity! Where do you keep your models in this architecture? How does the data transfer happens between the layers? What do you use for data access, EF/ADO.NET/any other ORM?
ExpertITM 26-Sep-13 1:12am    
I am using
♥…ЯҠ…♥ 26-Sep-13 1:20am    
Glad you have asked, Models can be maintained in MVC model folder or you can put it in common layer and create viewmodel in MVC model, you can make use of it.
Reference the library to next layer will pass the data this is how data is transferred between the application.
I used ADO.Net in my application. Make sense?
ExpertITM 26-Sep-13 1:10am    
this is I am looking for but do you mean proxy layer is service reference to web?
♥…ЯҠ…♥ 26-Sep-13 1:22am    
Similar kind,direct reference to service layer from presentation layer is not recommended so we are creating a intermediate reference to access service....

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