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I am performing sqlbulkcopy reading from txt file. error I am getting is "cannot access the destination table 'marketdetails".
Is there any thing to change in connection string but I don't think so because the connection is opening.
Please help me
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
           string line = null;
           int i = 0;

           using (StreamReader sr = File.OpenText("C:\\maq\\" + main1.text + "\\" + main1.text + ".txt))
               while ((line = sr.ReadLine()) != null)
                   string[] data = line.Split(',');
                   if (data.Length > 0)
                       if (i == 0)
                           foreach (var item in data)
                               dt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn());
                       DataRow row = dt.NewRow();
                       row.ItemArray = data;

          SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(@"Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=c:\maq\" + main1.text + @"\" + main1.text + ".mdf;Trusted_Connection=Yes;User Instance=True;");

               using (SqlBulkCopy copy = new SqlBulkCopy(con))
                   copy.ColumnMappings.Add(0, 0);
                   copy.ColumnMappings.Add(1, 1);
                   copy.ColumnMappings.Add(2, 2);
                   copy.ColumnMappings.Add(3, 3);
                   copy.ColumnMappings.Add(4, 4);
                   copy.ColumnMappings.Add(5, 5);
                   copy.ColumnMappings.Add(6, 6);
                   copy.DestinationTableName ="marketdetails";
Updated 20-Jan-14 10:41am

What the error tells me is one of 2 things. Either you spelled the name of your table wrong (or at least doesn't match the one in the database) OR the connecting schema/user doesn't have read/insert access to the marketdetails table.

Most standards have table names with '_' between words like 'market_details'.

Edited: I found this talking about permissions for bulk copy
So it looks like you either need ALTER Table or need to use hints for constraints and triggers.

A bcp in operation minimally requires SELECT/INSERT permissions on the target table. In addition, ALTER TABLE permission is required if any of the following is true:

Constraints exist and the CHECK_CONSTRAINTS hint is not specified. Disabling constraints is the default behavior. To enable constraints explicitly, use the -h option with the CHECK_CONSTRAINTS hint.

Triggers exist and the FIRE_TRIGGER hint is not specified. By default, triggers are not fired. To fire triggers explicitly, use the -h option with the FIRE_TRIGGERS hint.

You use the -E option to import identity values from a data file.
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hussain548 20-Jan-14 16:53pm    
the name of table is correct. Ya I agree format of table name is not standard.
In the other querry I am inserting data into the table but from the sqlbulkcopy it is giving me error.
bowlturner 20-Jan-14 16:57pm    
Then I would guess it's permissions somehow. It is also possible that the user you are connecting as doesn't have 'sqlbuldcopy' permissions.
hussain548 20-Jan-14 16:59pm    
Ya ok I appreciate your answer but how to get that permission. If you know please share your knowledge
bowlturner 20-Jan-14 17:08pm    
I added more my answer. Hope it helps.
I guess, In the connection string there is no catalog ( database name ) information Please check the string.

Try like this

copy.DestinationTableName ="dbo.DataBaseName.marketdetails";
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