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I want to have a tooltip on a textbox as
Dont write < instead write <
but it always renders as
Dont write < instead write <.

I want to write the exact world as < in the tooltip,

Can anyone help?


renjith p s 19-Aug-13 4:05am    
Master.PropertyMasterButton1.Click += New EventHandler(PropertyMasterButton1_Click) how to make it in vb
LittleYellowBird 15-Jul-10 10:32am    
I do not think that your question is very clear, do you mean you do not want the fullstop at the end of the tooltip? Perhaps you could improve the wording or layout of your question to make it a bit clearer. Thanks :)

Your question is illogical.

You state "Dont write < instead write <"

What is the difference between the first < and the second
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Well, having '<' or '>' in a Tooltip shouldn't cause any exception. As that is not going to be a part of your Request made to the server (like a textbox entry would be!)

So just go ahead and add a tooltip to the textbox.
There can be many intutive ways to alert/show user this tooltip kind of information.
Example: You can also put the textbox in a Div and have a tooltip text on hover of that div.
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When I insert < and > symbols in a textbox and submit then it causes exception. But it is not a problem for me. As an alternative I am suggesting users to just enter < and > in the textbox.

So I suggest to users via tooltip that you enter & lt; and & gt; in the textbox.

But when I add such a tooltip that write & lt; instead of < and write & gt; instead of > I get the tooltip as write < instead of < and write > instead of >.

I can not put & lt; and & gt; in the tooltip. I want to be able to write in the tooltip these words & lt; and & gt; i dont want them to be rendered as < and > in the tooltip. Hope I am clear now.

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I still don't entirely understand your problem...

However, if you want to display the text "&lt;" instead of "<", then write "&amp;lt;" instead of "&lt;"
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vjvjvjvj 16-Jul-10 6:33am    
Thanks a million, exactly that's what I wanted :)

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