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How to add fileupload in query string

Your question does not make any sense at all. FileUpload is added in a page not in query string.

With File Upload, you can select a file and upload to server. However, you can send the file path or name, which you can retrieve from query string in next page and do whatever you want to do.
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V Senthil Kumar 11-Jun-15 0:35am    
ya file upload is added in page.. but my question is after adding the image how to retrieve the image in query sting
F-ES Sitecore 11-Jun-15 4:46am    
Not sure what you mean by "retrieve the image in the query string", but if you're looking to upload images and then show the uploaded image, if you google for " image upload" or " image gallery" I'm sure you'll find lots of relevant samples.
As I already mentioned, you need to store the image somewhere (database / file system). Then get its path or name whatever and pass that in the query string, if you want. Then get it from query string in the next page and if you need, get the image by URL from database/file system and show it.
V Senthil Kumar 11-Jun-15 8:18am    
my answer is Registration Form
Username: sss
Gender: Male
Password: sss
Fathername: sss

Address: sss

Phoneno: 123

EmailId: aaa

Photo: C:\Users\Avail8\Pictures\Jellyfish.jpg
Hey, you have to store the image first in your server. Then show it anywhere.
i already saved.. but i need which toolbox is used to show the image in query string
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aarif moh shaikh 12-Jun-15 0:36am    
It's not a solution
Try below code to resolve your problem.

var scripts = document.getElementsByTagName('script');
var index = scripts.length - 1;
var myScript = scripts[index];
// myScript now contains our script object
var queryString = myScript.src.replace(/^[^\?]+\??/,'');
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