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CodeProject Latest Javascript feed

Each week readers like yourself from across the globe contribute articles, ideas and help each other with their day to day issues. 

Now you can increase the appeal of your own site by listing the very latest entries from this very popular library of valuable information.

The output of CodeProject Latest is completely customisable. You can modify the colours and fonts to fit the look and feel of your website. You only have to paste the code below once and then when CodeProject updates its entries, the entries on your website updates as well.

No registration is required, it is completely free with no strings attached. Just grab the code and customise the look and feel for yourself.

The example below changes when CodeProject Latest changes.

CodeProject Latest Code

Just copy the below code and paste it to the place on your page you want CodeProject latest to appear. By using the code below you agree to these terms and conditions.

Whilst there is no requirement to register to use this code, you may wish to stay informed of developments and changes to the code that may affect your website by subscribing to the weekly newsletter here.

'CodeProject Latest' Terms and Conditions of Use

Before using CodeProject Latest code above please read the following.

  1. This code cannot be placed on any warez, adult, illegal MP3 sites or sites that promote other unlawful activities.
  2. CodeProject Latest can be placed anywhere on your site and customized to fit general site design. However it is prohibited to choose colours in the way that some of the text renders invisible.
  3. CodeProjectreserves the right to change content of CodeProject Latest at any time. We may place a very small text ad at the bottom of CodeProject Latest if there will be a need for this.
  5. CodeProject is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage CodeProject Latest may cause.