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I was born.

I'm currently coding.

I'll die some time in the future.

I have interests outside of programming and if you knew me then you'd know what those interests are.


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GeneralStart of my first BLOG : Random Thoughts Pin
LongRange.Shooter27-Aug-04 10:53
LongRange.Shooter27-Aug-04 10:53 
I'm sitting here listening to Tool and hoping that the rest of the day goes quickly. Half my team is on vacation right now and I so want to be sitting out in the sun instead of in this ratty air conditioned air.

So I have my tool that I've been developing for 1 1/2 years in the hands of my clients. My fellow developers in my department. Fortunately it has been a very exciting experience. The other day I passed our Agile Alley location where the developers are building a major application. Two or three monitors had my tool up on them and a chill went down my back. Very cool.

Did you ever notice that headphones, no matter how new, will quickly develop a short? I hate when a headphone goes dead on me. I beat it and slap it and yet it remains dead. Then I take them off and put them on and I magically get sound again.

I began using FireFox as a browser. One plugin is cool --> take any web link and 'toss' it into a blank area of the browser and it will navigate to that site. Also mouse gestures get translated into actions. So a quick swipe to the left becomes the Back Button. I also began playing with Phoenix at home to see if the email experience is just as interesting.

GeneralRe: Start of my first BLOG : Random Thoughts Pin
csm_raju21-Jul-05 2:51
csm_raju21-Jul-05 2:51 

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