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Sam Hobbs26-Jan-18 14:09
Sam Hobbs26-Jan-18 14:09 
I believe that this site began when one or more members split off from CodeGuru. As a CodeGuru member I made many contributions trying to help people with Windows and C++. I was the first CodeGuru member to get 10,000 posts and more than 95% were attempts to help others. The CodeGuru forums were unmoderated back then. Then they messed up the forums by moderating them; the moderators they chose were technically qualified but not socially qualified. One of the moderators was proud of being a troublemaker.

When this site first began the forums were not clearly available from the home page; they were a bit hidden in the home page. The forums were the most important to me. I tried to make it clear to management but they did not get the hint or they wanted to hide the forums. I also had a problem that Chris (probably it was Chris) said he had the solution and would post it but he never did as far as I know. So I never became active in this site. I probably should have but I did not.

I don't understand why this site is always telling me to confirm my email address. No other site works like that. I am not aware of problems with the email address and as I said no other site has had a problem. It is just another small thing that makes a bad impression on me.

I am not sure what a "Blog Entry" is in this web site. I know that the term "blog" did not exist (it was definitely not in common use) when this website started. So I apologize if this is an inappropriate blog entry.

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