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I need to make the print look like this:
How many students are you entering? 2
Enter the name of student 1: Jamie
Enter the score for student 1: 2
Enter the name of student 2: Jess
Enter the score for student 2: 50

Not Achieved:




So depending on how the user answers the first question (How many students are you entering?) is how the program decides how many times to ask for a students name and a score. It needs to save the students name to the score.

Grading system:

If a student is below 10, then place them in not_achieved
If a student is in between 10 and 25 (inclusive), then place them in achieved
If a student is over 25 but below 35, then place them in merit
If a student is 35 and above, then place them in excellence

I'm really confused on how to do this so if anyone could help, that'd be great :D
Also I am a beginner so the more simple the code, the better.

What I have tried:

I've tried for loops but I just don't know how to save more than one things to a variable and things like that.
glen205 11-Apr-16 4:57am    
The student grading system is a very common homework assignment that we see on CP a lot - without wanting to assume too much: has the course you're on taught you about arrays yet? This would be the solution to the "save more than one things to a variable" part of your question.

Seek information on arrays either in your previous course material or good-old-Google for help...
Member 12450897 11-Apr-16 5:28am    
I've started learning .append and some listing
Member 12450897 11-Apr-16 6:04am    
Don't worry about it, I found a way
glen205 11-Apr-16 6:43am    
In the spirit of the community - you could post your answer as a solution so others may learn...

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