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If I have A02 ----- A05 or A10 ---- A15 it should not convert to ABC

If i have BDC, ASD, DFS, A02, A04, A13, QAS,ZXA

I need to replace it with BDC, ASD, DFS, ABC, ABC, ABC, QAS,ZXA
It might not be that I have aa of A02, A03... A05 and A10, A11, .... A15. My sample line can have anything from A02----A05 or from A10 --- A15. Please help with a regular expression for this using Regex.match

Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

I tried Regex.IsMatch(val, "A0[2-5]")) | (Regex.IsMatch(val, "A1[0-5]")
But what this is doing is replacing whole line to only ABC. But I do not want that. I want all the others existing with just replacing the ones starting with A0.
Updated 8-Jun-16 12:40pm

If you want to play with RegEx, here is a couple tools to help debugging.
Debuggex: Online visual regex tester. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE.[^]
.NET Regex Tester - Regex Storm[^]
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Try using Regex's Replace():
using System;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

namespace ConsoleApplication16
  class Program
    static readonly Regex Pattern = new Regex("A0[2-5]|A1[0-5]", RegexOptions.Compiled);
    static void Main(string[] args)
      string input = "BDC, ASD, DFS, A02, A04, A13, QAS,ZXA";
      string replacement = "ABC";
      string output = Pattern.Replace(input, replacement);

BDC, ASD, DFS, A02, A04, A13, QAS,ZXA
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You should try experimenting with Expresso:
Expresso - A Tool for Building and Testing Regular Expressions[^]

Download the most recent version here:
Download Expresso[^]

As a general advice, in this case you might want to look into regex groups.
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