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hi all.

i want to create view (materialzied view) in SQL Server Database, DB tables are present on ORACLE database and on another server.

Scenario is :: my application is using sql server database only. and through application i want to select/update/insert/delete ORACLE Table data.

i tried using granting permissions / creating database link.
i created a Database link in ORACLE .. and using that link i want to creating view... second option tried is GRANT operation...

suppose i am having access only to only one database name "sushil".

which contains a user "UserABC" so i can say third party that create a database link and give it to me for accessing data.....

but i dont know the exact steps..

can anyone help me out.

Thank in Advanced

Sushilkumar Bondre
sushilbondre 19-Sep-10 6:17am    
waiting for urgent reply
mslliviu 22-Sep-10 3:26am    
I think the first step you have to take is to add the Oracle server to the LinkedServers collection in SQL Server (Server Objects). After that I think you can query Oracle data (don't know what security issues can appear)

1 solution

The only solution that I can see is to create Stored Procedures with aid of C# CLR in SQL Server, and to perform select/update/insert/delete inside these procedures using ODBC/OLE db connection to Oracle.
Or you may even create assembly for SQL Server to wrap the whole ADO.Net functions' batch: execute, executeScalar, executeNonScalar, and keep connection to Oracle as well.
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