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I am working with ASP.NET and sqlserver. The project consists of three layers namely UI,business and data access layer. In the UI layer i have listbox with multiple values get selected . i will take this values to the data access layer.

The database consists of diseases and symptoms. just like:
disease    symptom

malaria    fever
malaria    cold
typhoid    fever
typhoid    cough

If I select the symptoms as fever and cold, it should return malaria.
If I select the symptoms fever and cough, it should return typhoid.
If I select fever only, it should give malaria and typhoid.

Can anyone, please help in writing the query?
Updated 2-Oct-10 21:11pm

Well, first of all your current Table structure does not support all scenarios and this kind of query results.

Change it to:
DID    Name
1     Maleria
2     Typhoid

SID    Name
1     Fever
2     Cold
3     Cough

1      1     1
2      1     2
3      2     1
4      2     3

Now, I would like to try the SQL query yourself. It should be much simpler now. Try!
Hint: Use TrnDiseaseSymptom table to get the disease ID's...
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Select Distinct disease From 'theTable' Where symptom in ('fever','cough')

That should return a list of diseases which have the list of symptoms.

If you do not use distinct, you would return multiple records for the same disease.
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Sandeep Mewara 3-Oct-10 2:43am    
Unique? or DISTINCT?
I guess unique is Oracle specific, not sure, you might share. :)
DaveAuld 3-Oct-10 14:46pm head was somewhere else!

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