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Dear experts ;
i'm work on c# windows application project using entity framework , sql database and devexpress i'm create a report (devexpress report) and open viewer (ReportPrintTool)
i try to view the report from search form and filter if view active or not befor view but the report view all items active and disactive theris no filtring

What I have tried:

public partial class form name : Form
   { db = new Entities.nameEntities();
       public form name()
       private void btnpreview_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
           rptname report = new rptname();
           //   this code not efficted
           if (rdioactive.Checked == true)
               report.DataSource = => x.IsActive == true);
           else if (rdiodisactive.Checked == true)
               report.DataSource = => y.IsActive == false);
           ReportPrintTool Ptool = new ReportPrintTool(report);
Updated 4-Nov-18 12:06pm
Wessam A Halim 16-Sep-18 17:38pm    
any feedback ?

the code work fine when change the report data source from entity to object , thank you all for help
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"Radio buttons" are usually "mutually exclusive" (assuming they were "grouped" properly to start with).

Why do you check "both" when obviously you can infer both when you know one?

In other words, why "if else" when "else" is your only option?
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Wessam A Halim 20-Sep-18 6:28am    
the form have 4 Radio buttons , checkbox and 2 datedime
i just need to filtering report data source it just code sample
report.DataSource = => x.IsActive == true)

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