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Without Using Redim Or fixing the size at time of declaration Can anyone halp me with the following code which fixes the size at runtime...

Dim arr() As String
For i as Integer=0 to 100
     arr(i)=" "
Next i

But It shows Error at: arr(i)=" "
Is there any method to overcome it without fixing the range of string array at time of declaration ?

With using Redim and without hardcoding the array size and compile time, your only option, using arrays, is:
Dim myArray( i ) As String

where i is a variable that is set somewhere that contains of the size of the array at runtime.

You're other, and more flexible option, would be to use a generic collection of Strings.
Dim myStrings As New List(Of String)

There's no need to define its capacity at all.
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Be Yourself 17-Nov-10 11:40am    
Thanks for reminding.
Nice Call..
with arrays you need to define the number of elements to it before hand


dim arr(100) as string

for i as integer = 0 to 100
  arr(i)= i.tostring
next i
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Be Yourself 17-Nov-10 6:39am    
Thanks ..

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