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I have a data entry page, after filling the fields, user clicks a button which should open a map in the center in a frame or panel.

The whole data entry page should be covered with a transparent grey color panel and at the center of it in a rectangle a map div should show a map. So it should be like a modal frame which doesnt allow the user to use data entry fields below but they can see part of those due to transparency (excluding map content on it)

How should I achieve it. How should be the design of my page?

I was thinking..

Have hidden div in the data entry page covering whole page. Div is given transparency css attribute.

Inside div have a iframe (centered with less size)

When user click a button on data entry page, make the div visible and load the iframe with map in the middle.

When user clicks a button in the div, make the div invisible again.

What do you think?



You may wish to check this out as well.
JQuery SimpleModal plugin.
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This behavior is called a Modal Dialog and there are numerous resources available[^]
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