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Need help in dropdownlist selectedindex not changing situation.
In my page, I have four dropdownlists.Only the first one can be bound in pageload event (in if(!ispostback) condition).All the others are loaded only after the first dropdownlist value selected.
My problem is that the fourth dropdownlist selectedindex not changing which will bound data after the selection of third dropdownlist.

I feel this as a strange problem.


Sir I have tried this, but didnt solve. In 4th dropdownlist, every time selectedindex is 1 after postback, even after we change selection. viewstate is set true.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (!IsPostBack)
        cf.Load_Dropdown(Drp_Mix, " SELECT cm.Mix_ID, cm.Mix_Name FROM CP_Mix cm ORDER BY cm.Mix_Name ", "Mix_Name", "Mix_ID");
protected void Drp_Mix_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
         cf.Load_Dropdown(Drp_Sale_product, " SELECT distinct  cast(gpm.N_Prd_Id AS INT) AS N_Prd_Id, gpm.V_Prd_Name,V_Prd_Name+'--'+CAST(isnull(F_Prd_Tpi_Single,'') AS VARCHAR(50))+'--'+ CAST(isnull(F_Prd_Tpi_Double,'') AS VARCHAR(50)) +'--'+CAST(cast(gpm.N_Prd_Id AS INT) AS VARCHAR(30)) AS prd  " +
                                               " FROM ProductMst gpm   where gpm.V_Prd_Name LIKE '%" + Drp_Mix.SelectedItem.Text + "%' AND  cast(gpm.N_Prd_Id AS INT) > 199999 AND V_Prd_Del_Flg='N'  ORDER BY gpm.V_Prd_Name", "prd", "N_Prd_Id");

protected void Drp_Sale_product_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
            cf.Load_Dropdown(Drp_Purch, "  SELECT distinct Comp_Prd_Id,Comp_Material FROM Components gc WHERE Comp_Prd_Id='" + Drp_Sale_product.SelectedItem.Value + "'AND Comp_Material!='" + Drp_Sale_product.SelectedItem.Value + "' ", "Comp_Material", "Comp_Prd_Id");
            Drp_Purch.Items.Insert(0, "--SELECT--");
//Problem in this section
 protected void Drp_Purch_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    string s=Drp_Purch.SelectedIndex.ToString();
//selectedindex always getting  1
Updated 6-Jan-11 18:58pm
Sandeep Mewara 7-Jan-11 0:49am    
Share the code with us.
Vipin Kumar Mallaya G 7-Jan-11 3:02am    
Are you handiliing prerender event and added any code in it???

give the aspx page in dropdownlist control in below code..

<asp:dropdownlist....... xmlns:asp="#unknown">
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Hi Sarathpa,

Check for dropdownlist selectedvalues. If values are same for index 1 and 4 then even after select 4th from list it will select 1st.

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sarathpa 7-Jan-11 1:35am    
thanks sushma...It worked for me. Value field was same for the dropdownlist.
Sandeep Mewara 7-Jan-11 1:51am    
Nice catch! 5!
Dalek Dave 8-Jan-11 5:20am    
Good answer, 5.
Saily 11-Feb-14 14:25pm    
Banging my head for an hour. Thanks. my selectedvalues are same for all items.
ngamitiennu1990 3-Jun-14 4:22am    
Thanks Sushma. Good answer, 5
Dear Friend
Please set the autopostback property of the dropdownlist to true in the aspx page not using design window
This will solve the issue in most cases

vipin Kumar Mallaya
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Jan-11 0:30am    
That's right - my 5.
sarathpa 7-Jan-11 0:39am    
I have tried this, but didnt solve. In 4th dropdownlist, every time selectedindex is 1 after postback, even after we change selection.
viewstate is set true.
Dalek Dave 8-Jan-11 5:19am    
Good Call!

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