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It seems like I'm the only one on the plant (Earth) who is having this problem...

I wrote a very simple method which dynamically loads and executes RegCreateKeyExA and I get the following error from "GetProcAddress(Avapi32,RegCreateKeyExA)"
Error 1150. The specified program requires a newer version of Windows.

The same code works fine on Windows 7, so I went back to WINXP and opened advapi32.dll with notepad, and sure enough, RegCreateKeyExA was there.... what am I missing here :confused:

Here is the method:
regDyFunc::DyRegCreateKeyEx(HKEY hMainKey,
			   LPCTSTR lpSubKey,
			   PHKEY phkResult,
                           LPDWORD lpdwDisposition )
 // The type of the wanted function
 typedef UINT (CALLBACK* REGFUNCCreateKeyEx)( 	//LONG WINAPI RegCreateKeyEx(
  HKEY,	  //  __in        HKEY hKey,
  LPCTSTR,//  __in        LPCTSTR lpSubKey,
  DWORD,  //  __reserved  DWORD Reserved,
  LPTSTR, //  __in_opt    LPTSTR lpClass,
  DWORD,  //  __in        DWORD dwOptions,
  REGSAM, //  __in        REGSAM samDesired,
  PHKEY,  //  __out       PHKEY phkResult,
  LPDWORD //  __out_opt   LPDWORD lpdwDisposition

 REGFUNCCreateKeyEx regFuncCreateKeyEx; // Stores the wanted function
 long lResult = ERROR_SUCCESS; // Used to check for failure and return value

 // Verify parameters
 if (lpSubKey == NULL)

 // Dynamically load the registry function
 if (lResult == ERROR_SUCCESS){
	regFuncCreateKeyEx =
                     (LPCSTR)"RegCreateKeyExA" );
	regDyFunc::csLastCall = "GetProcAddress(Avapi32,RegCreateKeyExA)";
	lResult = GetLastError();
 // Execute the function
 if (lResult == ERROR_SUCCESS)
	regDyFunc::csLastCall = "RegCreateKeyExA";
	lResult  = regFuncCreateKeyEx(

 return lResult;

And the function to load the library:
    bool bRet = true;
    regDyFunc::hAvapi32 = LoadLibrary("Advapi32");
    if (regDyFunc::hAvapi32 == NULL){
        _tprintf(_T("Unable to load Advapi32\n"));
        bRet = false;
    if (bRet){
        // Always try to load all modules
        regDyFunc::hKtmW32 = LoadLibrary("KtmW32");
        //Give an error only if its Vista or later
        if ((regDyFunc::hKtmW32 == NULL) && (regDyFunc::Is_Vista_or_Later())) {
            _tprintf(_T("Unable to load KtmW32\n"));
            bRet = false;
    return bRet;

Thanks in advance
Updated 19-Jan-11 4:51am
Henry Minute 19-Jan-11 10:52am    
Good question.
Regrettably I have no solution but a good question, nonetheless.
Ribhi Kamal 19-Jan-11 10:54am    
I take pride in asking good questions
fjdiewornncalwe 19-Jan-11 11:06am    
A great question. I'm going to have to look into this because I'm very curious about it. I don't have an answer now, but if I find something out I'll let you know.
HimanshuJoshi 19-Jan-11 11:08am tells me that minimum supported client is Windows 2000 Professional, so this should work on XP. I suggest better ask in MSDN support forum
Nish Nishant 19-Jan-11 11:09am    
How exactly do you get this error? When GetProcAddress is called, Windows pops up this messagebox with that text?

1 solution

Well, the fix was to use the Best Practices, which means:
1) Only call GetLastError for functions that actually SET it.
2) Only call GetLastError when the function RETURNS an error status.
3) Only call GetLastError immediately AFTER calling a function that returns an error status.

In my case I wasn't following #2 so the following fixed the problem:
// Dynamically load the registry function
if (lResult == ERROR_SUCCESS){
   regFuncCreateKeyEx =
                    (LPCSTR)"RegCreateKeyExA" );
   regDyFunc::csLastCall = "GetProcAddress(Avapi32,RegCreateKeyExA)";
   if (!regFuncCreateKeyEx)
       lResult = GetLastError();

Thanks for you help, Codeproject rocks!
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Jan-11 12:33pm    
All right, I just tried to obtain the function and it immediately worked, so I started to scratch my head...
Nish Nishant 19-Jan-11 12:35pm    
Ok, so the code was always working fine but since you checked the error code even when there was no error you assumed there was a problem?
Ribhi Kamal 19-Jan-11 12:45pm    
The function actually works just fine. It creates the key and its subkeys and opens the key if it already exists.. should I still be worried?
Nish Nishant 19-Jan-11 12:46pm    
No, there's nothing to worry at all.

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