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Hello!I have a little question:If I make an app in Visual Basic 2010 ,the app will work on a station with Visual Basic 2008?
Thanks,in advance.
Sandeep Mewara 12-May-11 4:34am    
Not clear.

Its not necessary that the machine that runs the App should have Visual Basic / Studio Installed. If all the necessary requirement to run the Application are met, that would be sufficient to run the Tool. Irrespective of which version of Visual basic it was created in.

If you are talking about how to open the Project file / Solution File created in 2010 in 2008 VB , then you can visit the following links.

Open VB 2010 as VB 2008 Project1 [^]

Open VB 2010 as VB 2008 Project2[^]
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CPallini 12-May-11 4:44am    
"if you are talking..."
Good point, have my 5.
ZeeroC00l 12-May-11 6:49am    
Thanks Mr C :)
floare 12-May-11 4:48am    
Yes.But i want also to connect to a server...for that I am asking.
ZeeroC00l 12-May-11 6:51am    
Can you be more specific / clear as to what exactly you want to do ??
Which server you are talking about ? db Server ?
floare 13-May-11 10:39am    
I have to make a project in Visual basic.On my computer I have installed Visual studio 2010 .On another computer I have installed Visual studio 2008.On that computer I have Sql server 2008 .On the second computer I have also a database.And when I try to connect the visual studio 2010 app with sql server will be any problems?
If you deploy it correctly it will work even on 'stations' without Visual Basic 2008. See, for instance MSDN's "What's New in Deployment"[^].
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ZeeroC00l 12-May-11 4:36am    
My +5
CPallini 12-May-11 4:43am    

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