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I would like to be able to "customize" my toolbar depending on what type of child frame becomes active in my MDI application. I have been using CMFCToolbar because they look nice and Visual Studio steers you in that direction.

I could not determine how to do it automatically (like the menus change when the document type changes) so I tried creating independent toolbars for each document type - and switching them in OnMDIActivate() - but that caused too many hassles with CMFCToolbar, including:
- toolbars the wrong size
- toolbars not showing up
- reload app and the toolbar is in the wrong form (docked/undocked)even though I disabled LoadState/SaveState
- gaps where the toolbar used to be - sometimes the image is still there but the toolbar is not (no repaint of the frame)

.. so I gave up on that. [<flame>IMHO it is shockingly hard to make customized use of CMFCToolbar viz its lack of predictable behavior, ease of reading the code, documentation, etc.]

What I would like to do now is simply use *one* toolbar but gray-out certain buttons for certain document types, something like:

void CChildFrame::OnMDIActivate(BOOL bActivate, CWnd* pActivateWnd, CWnd* pDeactivateWnd)
    CMDIChildWndEx::OnMDIActivate(bActivate, pActivateWnd, pDeactivateWnd);
    // which Doc type are we now working with?
    if (bActivate) {

        CView *theView = ((CChildFrame *)pActivateWnd)->GetActiveView();
        if (theView == NULL) return;

        CMainFrame *MF = (CMainFrame *)theApp.m_pMainWnd;
        CMFCToolBar *TB = &MF->m_wndToolBar;
        if (theView->IsKindOf ( RUNTIME_CLASS (CDrumGenView))) {
            // disable certain toolbar buttons
        else if (theView->IsKindOf ( RUNTIME_CLASS (CDrumGenListingView))) {

            // disable certain toolbar buttons
        else if (theView->IsKindOf ( RUNTIME_CLASS (CDrumGenStaffView))) {
            // disable certain toolbar buttons
            //TB->GetToolBarCtrl().EnableButton(ID_FILE_OPEN, FALSE);
        else if (theView->IsKindOf ( RUNTIME_CLASS (CDrumGenLogView))) {
            // disable certain toolbar buttons

As you can see, I have a EnableButton(FALSE) call in there ... but wait, that doesn't exist any more in CMFCToolbar.

Can anyone point me to a super simple way to disable a CMFCToolbar button?


Venkat and Anna,

Thanks for the replies. The following code seems to work with one caveat mentioned below (I decided to stick with CMFCToolBar):

void CMyToolBar::EnableButton (int iCmd, BOOL bStatus)
    // iCmd is not the index, but the command ID - this way the
    // buttons can be re-arranged and this routine still works
    int idx = CommandToIndex (iCmd);
    if (idx == -1) return;  // not in this toolbar
    UINT iStyle = GetButtonStyle (idx);
    CMFCToolBarButton *Button = GetButton (idx);
    if (bStatus) { // enable
        SetButtonStyle (idx, iStyle & !TBBS_DISABLED);
    else {
        SetButtonStyle (idx, iStyle | TBBS_DISABLED);
    Button->EnableWindow (bStatus);
void CMyToolBar::OnUpdateCmdUI(CFrameWnd *pFrame, BOOL bDisableIfNoHndler)
    CBasePane::OnUpdateCmdUI(pFrame, bDisableIfNoHndler);
    CMainFrame *MF = (CMainFrame *)pFrame;
    for (int i=0; i<NUMTOOLBUTTONS; i++)
        EnableButton (MF->m_ToolBarStatus[i].iCmd, MF->m_ToolBarStatus[i].bEnabled);

I keep the enabled/disabled status of each button in ToolBarStatus[]. The buttons are Grayed out correctly now .. however they are still active (at least some of them); in other words, the EnableWindow() call does not seem to have any effect. Further thoughts?

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Check this with TBBS_DISABLED style,
CMFCToolBar::SetButtonStyle.But this will use zero based button index.
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Albertino 12-Aug-11 5:09am    
You can get the index using this:

int b_id = m_wndToolBar.CommandToIndex(ID_MY_BUTTON);
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