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I want to copy a file from a pc to a server using impersonate (<username,password>).
When I wrote the follwing code and run it exception was thrown "logon failure unknown username or bad password".
Can anyone help?

using (new Tools.Impersonator(Serv_UName, "",Serv_Pwd))
    if (File.Exists(DestFileName))
        MessageBox.Show("already exists in destination");
        return 1;
        File.Copy(Src_FileName, DestFileName, true);
        return 0;
Updated 1-Jun-11 23:00pm

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Reem Moh 2-Jun-11 4:11am    
wt's wrong in my code!!
Rob Branaghan 2-Jun-11 4:24am    
Did you have a look at that Article?
Reem Moh 2-Jun-11 4:32am    
ys, but i donnow where to place my code that copy file !!
Rob Branaghan 2-Jun-11 4:34am    
Try copy and pasting into a new class in your app. Add your applications namespace.
And then try it to see if it works.

Is the computer you are trying to talk to on a domain? because you dont appear to be sending a domain?
Reem Moh 2-Jun-11 4:49am    
no domain
The error message you are seeing is pretty clear - you haven't provided credentials that it can correctly authenticate with.

You say you are connecting to a server - so what account are you expecting to use to authenticate against the server? A domain account, or a local account on the server?

The arguments you are providing are

Serv_UName, "",Serv_Pwd

What is the middle argument? Is it 'domain'? If so, try the following

Serv_UName, Serv_Name, Serv_Pwd

So if I wanted to connect to a server called SERVER1 with account dmorley, it would read

using (new Tools.Impersonator("dmorley", "SERVER1", "S0mePa55word"))

You need to make sure that the account exists on the server you are connecting to
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Reem Moh 2-Jun-11 4:44am    
no domain
Dylan Morley 2-Jun-11 4:46am    
So, a local account on the server?

In what context is the account you are using? Where is the account defined?
Reem Moh 2-Jun-11 4:48am    
wt u mean!!
Dylan Morley 2-Jun-11 4:55am    
Where is the account defined - It must exist somewhere! Where has the account been created?

If you don't understand this, it's not suprising that you're seeing a 'logon failure' message

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