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I want to display data from database in different places. I am using datareader to read the data and stored data like this:
string name=dr["name"].ToString();

then i display the data in webpage writing code like this <=%name%> in source page.
There is a problem that if i need 100 columns of data then i need to use 100 variables to declare and store the data.

so please any one can tell me any other simple procedure to do that.

Thanks in advance

can we access datareader value in source code?
if can then how?
Updated 2-Jun-11 2:05am
rudrik8 2-Jun-11 7:17am    
u can use string array.

you can use

<![CDATA[<%= dr["name"].ToString() %>]]>
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rahul dev123 2-Jun-11 8:03am    
where to use this code?

if your having different fields you have to use different variables.
or if you have same variables repeating for a number of set the you can use repeater control.
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Any reason why you wouldn't want to use a Grid View[^] or one of the other data binding controls?

Instead of using a DataReader, populate a DataSet or DataTable then simply bind to the grid.

You can have the grid autopopulate the columns, so no need for variables or anything like that

E.g. something like this[^]
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use stringBuilder class to build dynamic design
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Design server side with string builder like
stBuilder.Append("...")Then u will not have to use extra variable.
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