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currently i m using with C# 3.5.
i m using master page.
here i need to capture the browser local time and want to store in session variable in page load. i m using following javascript code
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
            function GetClientUTC()
                var now = new Date()
                var offset = now.getTimezoneOffset()
                document.getElementById('<%=hidTime.ClientID%>').value = offset

calling function as : <body onload="GetClientUTC()">
and in page load i m assigning as following


but i cannot get value and always showing empty.

kindly help me


You either need to send it via an AJAX postback, or set it in a cookie and read that out in the next page request, or do all the processing with it client side, or have the user set their home time zone in a profile and calculate it on the server side.

The easiest way is to set a cookie (with a fairly short i.e. 1 day expiry) on the home/login page and read that. (I think JavaScript can write cookies that are sent back to the server, anyway.)
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attribute to the control whose value you are setting in the javascript code above.

I hope I was able to solve your problem

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