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Hello everybody,
I am working with web application in (3.5) and i have images in a folder (Images), and i want to print these images in RDLC Report. I am doing follwing:-

image1.Source = External
image1.Value = "..Images/img.jpg"

But it is not working properly, am i missing any step. Please tell me.
Thanks in advance

shabibraza 13-Mar-12 5:06am    
What type of exception or error it is giving and can u write the full code here dedicated for report?
Dev Kashyap 13-Mar-12 10:03am    
It is not throughing any exception or generating any error it's just not showing the image in report.
shabibraza 13-Mar-12 11:56am    
make sure the source you are providing on your code must be same as u provide in ur report designer
Dev Kashyap 14-Mar-12 0:31am    
I have images in my project, so i am just giving path of image to image control, not providing any datasource to report.

We have to add "file:" key infront of image's path.

For example:-
"file:" & Fields.Path.Value

In this "file:" is a key to find the image file path on local computer and
Fields.Path.Value is a parameter which have value of image's .
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Listen Dev try this
Go to Rdlc report and go to Report Data (Alt + Ctrl + Del) and then u will see images folder right click on that image and add your image and study the behaviour of rdlc report
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Dev Kashyap 14-Mar-12 12:51pm    
Thanks for your response but I am enable to find Report Data (Alt + Ctrl + Del)
shabibraza 14-Mar-12 13:06pm    
oooho sorry it was Alt + Ctrl + D
Dev Kashyap 15-Mar-12 7:07am    
I am using vs2008 (web project) and it report data (Alt + Ctdrl +D ) not showing me any response.
shabibraza 15-Mar-12 7:10am    
go ro report designer and then press this
Dev Kashyap 16-Mar-12 7:33am    
Sorry dear but it's not working.
Thank for response

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