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I am making a software windows navigation application
company have a website in JSP that have so many control like radio button, textbox, check box, javascript function and external java script,

that website I try to access from windows application
problem 1;
1)i want to include all all external javascript document in windows application
--- if it is not possible then tell me
how to make object of the fuction ( wb.Document.Invokescript("javascript function"); )
how to access all variable that hold a value in javascript on web page form windows application
if i invoke Date function from javascript on web page but i need only time in window application HOW can i do
1) date function is called successfully in windows application that show all in"that variable in which i store value of date")but using that i want to call gettime fuction which i store in variable and pass in string

problem 2;
in that website (jsp)there is table holding values and radio control with onclick event having function

1) i want to access specific radio button in web page form windows application

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Jun-12 11:58am    
Not clear what's the problem and where is your question. What is 2)?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 19-Jun-12 16:05pm    
Holy jeebus, what happened to your swet short moniker.;P

So you finally acknowledged the use of your full name for your screen name. :thumbsup:
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 29-Jun-12 22:17pm    
You see, my official US spelling is "Sergey A Kryukov" was already taken as a CodeProject ID by other man; and with SAKryukov many did not know how to call me (some were so nice to extract "Sergey" from other posts like articles where a "full name" is used instead, and this fields does not have to be unique). This is just a full name but fully transliterated from Russian; if does not appear in this full spelling in any official documents.
Raghuveer Kasyap 21-Jun-12 6:20am    
Your question is not clear...
Refine It

1 solution


This is my answer to you old related question

The question makes no sense all. There is no such concept as "call as script". A script is, essentially, a set of instructions creating some object. Some of those objects are functions, so you can only call functions. But the idea of "calling them all" would also make no sense, because each function can be called with different parameters, they can be called in different order, and so on. This is not anything certain, can be nearly anything.
Here is the problem you have: you ask so many questions which makes no sense that they are often get automatically removed due to abuse reports, sooner than one can possible answer them. But in that case I already posted an answer which has gone with your question, but I think you really need some help with your misconception.

You have similar misconception with your present question. There is no such thing as "all external JavaScript document". JavaScript is used where it is used, say, included in HTML, or referenced, or called by some other scripting system, such as WSH. The question "how to make object of the function" also makes no sense, because a JavaScript function is already an object and can be used as any other object. You cannot "access all variables": they are not referenced altogether anywhere, just because this is not needed and is not how variables are used. They are just used by their names, if it does not happen, the developer won't simply declare a variable.

I do understand that you need to develop a Web browser in a .NET application, with some specific features, but I cannot see why would you really need it and that you really understand what you want to achieve. I think you don't understand it, by the reasons like those I explained above, sorry.

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