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Animated Counter Control[^]

How to build the above control with WPF any suggestions or do we have any third party controls I searched the codeplx didn't find any control that suits my requirement.

the above link has the control exactly suits my rek but it is in winforms
Updated 17-Sep-12 22:04pm
[no name] 18-Sep-12 7:25am    
Well if you need that control for WPF then translate it.
Member 8444738 18-Sep-12 15:52pm    
how to proceed on it ? I thought this forum might help but no results
Adam David Hill 18-Sep-12 19:20pm    
Is there a specific aspect you're stuck on? Have you tried translating and got stuck somewhere specific?
Member 8444738 19-Sep-12 0:50am    
I need suggestions on how to start ?
Adam David Hill 19-Sep-12 11:00am    
I'd start by creating a UserControl which represents a single digit/character. It would expose a property of the digit it represented, and display that character.

Once that's working you'll want another control to create instances of the first control, one for each digit. It would have a public property for the number it was required to display.

For the animation side of things just search for a tutorial on the subject - there are plenty around.

Bear in mind on this forum you won't get someone to just write all the code for you. Ideally you give it your best shot and ask a question when you have a specific problem. The answer to "how do I build X" is a very broad question which can't really be answered without someone building it for you.

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