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I want to know what are the programs I need to make my program be able to identify or detect objects ...

I have searched and noticed 3 programs:

but what the difference between all of them??

and what the programming language i need to implement Object detection
with the programs i mentioned above
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-Oct-12 13:11pm    
This is the absolute absurd of the notion of "difference". You could at least read few lines on each topic (Wikipedia or whatever), to avoid messing up things so heavily.

To answer part of your question:

Matlap: I assume you meant "Matlab"[^], and that is a programming language, whether it relates to your goals or not depends on the specific program written in it
OpenCV: A library for computer vision (the field object detection falls under), this is probably the most relevant to your goals
OpenGL: A library for rendering 3D graphics, not related to object detection at all, unless you wan to somehow display the results in a 3D form

As for the programming language you use, it isn't important. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with. Generally speaking, any algorithm that can be written in one programming language can be written in all programming languages.
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StudentGirl 2-Oct-12 14:29pm    
thank you for the wonderful comment.
it helps me a lot.
Take a look at some of these articles[^] which deal with object recognition.
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-Oct-12 13:12pm    
Good links, my 5.
StudentGirl 2-Oct-12 14:25pm    
Thank you Richard MacCutchan
for the links.

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