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Hi all,
I am newbie to linq expression so can anyone help with my problem?Let me explain, I have written a lambda expression for selecting all the details of function between a particular date and linq is :
db.Meals.Where(c => c.MealDate== date && c.SessionID == SessionID && c.MealType == MealType ).FirstOrDefault();

see problem in my db the mealdate has both date and time and my date variable is only having date ,so I want to take only the date portion and neglect the time part.Any ideas,will be a great help to me.
Updated 13-Nov-12 23:19pm

It seems Solution 3 still may have edge cases that don't match.
Just compare the .Date property on the DateTime values:
CampCuisineDataContext db = new CampCuisineDataContext();
return db.Meals.Where(c => c.MealDate.Value.Date == date.Date &&
                           c.SessionID == SessionID &&
                           c.MealType == MealType).FirstOrDefault();

Also, your use of .Value on c.MealDate seems to imply that the MealDate column is nullable and the expression needs to check that it actually has a value.
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Mani Zachariah 14-Nov-12 22:36pm    
ok will check...thanks for helping Matt T Heffron
sorry a slight change...
CampCuisineDataContext db = new CampCuisineDataContext();
 return db.Meals.Where(c => (c.MealDate.Value - date).Days == 0 && (c.MealDate.Value - date).Hours > 0 && c.SessionID == SessionID && c.MealType == MealType).FirstOrDefault();

dis the final ans..
Thanks all
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Nelek 14-Nov-12 16:27pm    
Next time don't add a new solution. You can edit your previous messages if you click on the widget "improve question" / "improve solution". I delete the false one to avoid missunderstoods
Mani Zachariah 14-Nov-12 22:36pm    
Sorry Nelek!!!I'm new to code project so dint know abt editing thing.

Please formate the date according to your need.

modify your statement as below.

db.Meals.Where(c => String.Format("{0:M/d/yyyy}", c.MealDate) == date && c.SessionID == SessionID && c.MealType == MealType ).FirstOrDefault();

Refer below links for formatting date in particular formate.[^][^][^]
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Mani Zachariah 14-Nov-12 5:01am    
Hi Mohd.Mukhtar,
Thanks for replying,but unfortunateky it dint work showing an error message like:
No overload for method 'ToString' takes 1 arguments
Can we use datetime.parse?
Mani Zachariah 14-Nov-12 5:12am    
Any equivalent expression for ling:
select convert(varchar(10),'7/22/2012 12:00:00 AM',1) as [MM/DD/YYYY]
Mani Zachariah 14-Nov-12 5:13am    
If there is then it will solve my problem.Please help?
Mohd. Mukhtar 14-Nov-12 5:32am    
see the updated ans and refer given links for more details.

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