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function OnAddClick(){
str = "<tr id='" + ctrl + "'><td><input id='btn" + ctrl.toString() + "'" + " runat='server' value= '" + ctrl.toString() + "' type='button' onclick='GetId(this)'/></td>";
for (var i = 0; i < ctrlstr.length; i++) {
    str = str + "<td><asp:Label id='lbl" + document.getElementById(ctrlstr[i]).id + ctrl + "' runat='server' >" + document.getElementById(ctrlstr[i]).value + "</asp:Label></td>";
str = str + "</tr>";

function GetId(controlid) {
    var rowid =, 3);
    var table = $("#tblMain #" + rowid + "").find('Label')[0].id;

    for (var i = 0; i < ctrlstr.length; i++) {
        $("#" + document.getElementById(ctrlstr[i]).id + "").val($("#tblMain #" + rowid + "").find('Label')[i].innerHTML.toString());


In given code, I am adding one row to the table using OnAddClick() function.
OnAddClick() function add one new row to the table, which contains button also.
each time i am generating new button for a new row and adding it to the table. I have assigned a function name GetId() to that button.
On that button click, I am calling GetId() funtion by passing the Id of the button.
It works fine in IE9 but not in Chrome, Opera and Mozilla.
Please give me some suggestions regarding this.
bbirajdar 3-Dec-12 1:48am    
"It works fine in IE9 but not in Chrome, Opera and Mozilla." is not a proper technical description of the problem which can help us to identify the issue
gilvani 4-Dec-12 5:06am    
Hello you must pass the UniqueID in GetId () function, the ClientID does not work for the click event
Sudip Saha 5-Dec-12 3:25am    
Try it GetId(
VishwaKL 6-Dec-12 3:06am    
Check whether you blocked Java Script disabled ? in crome
Jameel VM 19-Dec-12 10:44am    
Please try jquery like this $(document).ready(function(){ $('button1').click(function(){

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