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i have two button, i would like button two to be disabled until the user clicks on button one first. i tried th efunction below but the button is still enabled (its not working)

What I have tried:

<script type="text/javascript">
   function isclicked() {

        if (document.getElementById('<%=btnone.ClientID %>').clicked == true)
            document.getElementById('<%=btntwo.ClientID%>').disabled = false;
            document.getElementById('<%=btntwo.ClientID%>').disabled = true;


<asp:Button ID="btnone" runat="server" OnClick="btnone_Click" OnClientClick="isclicked()" Text="Extract File" Width="186px" style="height: 26px;float:left" />

<asp:Button ID="btntwo" runat="server" Text="Submit file" style="margin-left: 0px;float:right"  CausesValidation="False" Width="186px" OnClick="btntwo_Click" />
Updated 10-Jun-19 18:59pm

A button does not have a clicked property as far as I know. It has a click event.

You should start off with button two's initial state being disabled (enabled = false). Then enable it in button one's OnClick event
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Member 14183767 7-Jun-19 8:15am    
Thank you!
CHill60 7-Jun-19 9:36am    
My pleasure!
onClick="this.disabled=true; this.value='Sending…';"
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CHill60 11-Jun-19 3:40am    
This will disable the button that is clicked. Not what the OP wanted.

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