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I have this SQL statement Which I'm getting a error when I try to execute.
SELECT        COUNT(*) AS TotalRecords
FROM            Expenses
WHERE        ([YEAR](PostDate) = [YEAR](@MyDate)) AND (MONTH(PostDate) = MONTH(@MyDate))

I'm Using a VistaDB which has the same syntax has SQL. Any Help would be appreciated.

What I have tried:

SELECT        COUNT(*) AS TotalRecords
FROM            Expenses
WHERE        ([YEAR](PostDate) = [YEAR](@MyDate)) AND (MONTH(PostDate) = MONTH(@MyDate))
Updated 30-Mar-21 20:19pm
thatraja 30-Mar-21 13:23pm    
What's the error?
crmfghtr 30-Mar-21 13:39pm    
How do I add an Image to this Forum
thatraja 30-Mar-21 13:44pm    
Upload image into some image hosting website & include the link in your question.


Simply you can update your question with Error message.
Patrice T 30-Mar-21 13:23pm    
And you plan to tell what is the problem ?
crmfghtr 30-Mar-21 13:44pm    
Error 509 Invalid or Incomplete Statement SELECT Line1, Column 1
Error 507 Expected Expression ) Line 1 Column 61

1 solution


SELECT COUNT(*) As [TotalRecords] --or "TotalRecords"
FROM Expenses
WHERE YEAR(PostDate) = YEAR(@MyDate) AND MONTH(PostDate) = MONTH(@MyDate)

See Date and Time Functions[^] :
- YEAR[^]
- MONTH[^]

In case of troubles with aliases, please read this: Getting Started - What's New - Version 5.0[^]

Parser Fix: Does not correctly parse certain 3-part column names like: [dbo].[MyTable].ColumnName
Parser Fix: SELECT improperly accepts other unquoted keywords as table or column alias and thus can fail to recognize the start of a new statement when an optional alias can follow if no semicolon is used to separate them.
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