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Hello. newbie here.

I am trying to find out how many keys.
For example,
( Animals ) PK ---- ( Enclosure ) Fk
 Gorilla ------------ North
Chimps ------------- North
Dogs --------------- North
Cats -------------- South
Rabbits ------------ East

Here 3 animals are in 1 Enclosure location of the North.
1 animal in South and 1 in East.

How can I count like that, when the database is huge?
is there a command for it?

What I have tried:

i tried using

Select distinct (animal.enclosure_enclosureID ) from mydb.animals ;

but this shows
all the unique enclosure IDs.
How can I find how many of the animal_ID are related to each of the enclosure ID?
Updated 4-Dec-21 4:29am
PIEBALDconsult 4-Dec-21 10:05am    
I don't think you provide enough information.
Use Improve question to add more detail.
Dave Kreskowiak 4-Dec-21 10:23am    
It's not entirely clear what you're asking. "Counting keys" is not a thing.

Are you looking for the total number of animals? The total number of enclosures? The total number of animals in each enclosure? ... What?
Bonzowo 4-Dec-21 10:24am    
Total number of animals in each enclosure. Yeah

1 solution

This is your homework assignment so you're not going to get a straight up answer.

You'll get a hint though. You don't need DISTINCT. You need GROUP BY.
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